Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women !

 A woman is not only Women...
A woman is a Human! 
Women is Power of universe..
Women of courage, women of strength,
Women of faith and devotion.
Women are adorable when she became Mother,
Women are Lovable as daughters;
Women are Reputable when they can reach great heights!
Women are Worship able for keeping peace at home;
Women are Excusable for love of ornaments;
Women are Memorable for timely advice,
Women are Notable for patience,
Women are Remarkable when sacrificing lots
Women are excitable when rearing children fine
Women are Salvageable when shown some kind of love!
Women are amazing creatures,
Women are an object of mystery;
Women are a great and heavenly treasure!
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Women Plays Different Roles In Both Personal As Well As Professional Life. To Cross Each Stage, The Pain Which She Takes Is Unimaginable.....Only Those Who Have Experienced, Can Understand & Feel Her Pain. "I am a woman of one. A tribute to our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives. India's fabulous, astonishing women…. Women are all above. So respect them and love them. A Very Happy Women’s day!


Prajeeth Prasadan said...

true, My gratititude and respects to all

Pree said...


தி. ரா. ச.(T.R.C.) said...

Nature's Gift

Delhi Gopal said...

A great tribute by you, in which I also join.

Delhi Gopal said...

A great tribute by you, in which I also join.

B.S .Gurjar said...