Monday, April 11, 2011

Rama Rajyam!

Today people celebrate Rama's birthday as a festival, but do not practice Rama's ideals. Enshrine Rama's ideals in your heart. Without it, there is no meaning in celebrating Rama's birthday .The hero, Rama, lived his whole life by the rules of dharma; in fact, that was why Indian considers him heroic. When Rama was a young boy, he was the perfect son. Later he was an ideal husband to his faithful wife, Sita, and a responsible ruler of Aydohya. "Be as Rama," young Indians have been taught for 2,000 years; "Be as Sita.”. Originally however, he was a great Culture-Hero of the Aryan people. He is considered as an ideal of human perfection, A hero is who is fearless, invincible, intelligent and compassionate, quick to forgive and slow to anger, but never compromising on what is right. Who He believed in Ekam patni vrata, Rama's life and journey is one of perfect adherence to dharma despite harsh tests of life and time. He is pictured as the ideal man and the perfect human.

The Rama story holds forth many ideals" Ram Rajya was the rule of Shri Ram over the entire world. He showed example as a model king and Hindus expect Rama Rajya to come for the welfare of everyone. They lived in love and compassion.  All were devoted and dedicated to their respective duties and vocations in life. 

Lord Rama devoted Himself to the task of the spreading of truth and righteousness. In His reign, the people of the country, big or small, young or old, men or women, the enlightened or the unenlightened were steadfast in their adherence to truth and righteousness. As the king, so were the ministers. As the ministers, so were the administrators. As the administrators, so were the people. The three brothers Bharatha, Lakshmana, and Satrughna exercised great care and attention in the practice of dharma throughout the kingdom. Reports regularly reached the King about the people who transgressed dharma. The reign of Rama was called Rama Rajya, the reign of Righteousness and Truth. People were not afflicted by diseases. Children did not die at tender ages. Women did not suffer from widowhood. Rains came on time and people prospered. Rama Rajya was marked by peace, prosperity, and harmony and compassion.

All were devoted and dedicated to their respective duties and vocations in life.  Dharma with its four pillars of Truth, Purity, Compassion and Charity prevailed everywhere.  Not to speak of committing sin, no one even dreamed of it.  Poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, diseases and all kinds of suffering had been banished.  In short, heaven itself was established on his earth.

A small thought!!!!

One question that keeps coming up again and again in my mind is in Indian politics is it ever possible to bring back Rama Rajya to India?  Can India ever have Rama Rajya again? Is this a realistic dream / ideal? Was Ram Rajya a reality during Ram's period or it can be still enlivened?
Now what is Rama Rajya???

*In Rama Rajya, the rulers were expected to be of flawless character.  Their morals and conduct were above reproach because of the high standards of what they expected from themselves
*Raj dharma of highest moral order was astutely cultivated.  Promises, once given, are followed through with zeal, even at personal cost.
*The ruled in those days expected such perfection from their rulers.  They expected the rulers to be perfect in their personal and pubic life.   
*The rulers were meant to be better than the ruled, providing shining examples for others to follow.

’Modern Indian democracy has turned this upside down!! ‘’

The rulers are often convicted criminals, with little or no education.  They are often known by all to line their own pockets with public money and are at the apex of corrupt officialdom they carefully nurture. Good people are routinely hounded out of power by bad people.  Promises are made to be broken and that is accepted by all and sundry as “coalition dharma”. Though fully aware of the actions of politicians and bureaucrats that rule and ruin their lives, the masses do nothing to change the system.  They readily accept bad-governance as their lot in life and bear all this with stoic perseverance that would put a penitent to shame.


Rama taught Bharata in Ayodhya kanda how government should be carried on;. 
*Have as your ministers only persons of character and virtue, who are tranquil in mind and devoted to truth. *Don't have as ministers anyone lacking in these four qualities. 
*Moreover, they should possess self-confidence, practice righteous conduct, and be capable of giving proper advice. 
*These are essential prerequisites for wise administrators.

How a government should be carried on? The following were Shree Rama’s idea;
·         *No place for selfish persons
·          * No room in the government for persons animated by self-interest
·         *Don't allow anyone given to vices like gambling and drink to wield authority.
·         *Entertain only those who command the esteem of the people
·         *Daily conferences with three or four such ministers.
·         *Your talks should be in private and no outsider should know anything about them.
*Send out envoy to other countries ambassadors who are totally loyal to the king and not time-servers who practice duplicity.

Respect For women

Rama did not stop with that a nation's honor is based upon its women. It is only when women maintain their respect and honor that the nation will be respected.
Indian women used to live in a society that always respected women like mother and sister. Most ancient Indian cultures have already treated women as mothers. Today like never before women are being raped, gang raped, molested at work place, streets and even homes. In the country where 60% of children, male or female are being raped, molested and treated poorly, expecting the men to respect women is a far dream.


Shree Rama is the best example for the youngsters of India of how to respect our parents, elder and Gurus (teacher). Rama carried out the words of his father ("Pithruvaakya paripaalana"). How many today respect the words of the parent? Now, there's no respect for children or parents, or people in any kind of ... are dumping their elders into nursing homes and leaving them there to die.

After instructing Bharata regarding the principles of good government, Rama told Bharata: 

The lessons taught to Bharata by Shree Rama are ideal lessons:

·         *You must revere the parents, the preceptors and all elders. If any person misbehaves within your kingdom, do not punish him. Banish him. That will be punishment enough

·         *Here I wish to explain what is meant by punishment. There is no need to beat or abuse the erring person. Stop talking to him. What is the use of talking to a person who is going astray?

·        * I do not want to waste my words on such a person. I attach great value to my words. They may not know it, but I know their value. None of my words has any selfish motive.

What this means is that the rulers should have three qualities?
  • Righteous conduct
  • Good counsel
  • Good qualities
There should be a combination of all the three. Today good counsel is a rarity. As for good qualities, the less said the better.
There should be no place for the wicked who speaks one thing, and act in a different way.

An ideal manner of Rama

Rama is the very embodiment of these three attributes.
*This means that every human being should cultivate sacred thoughts, right actions and good qualities. 
*Rama demonstrated by his words, thoughts and actions how such a life can be lived. Rama acted upon the ancient injunction:
*Speak truth. Practice righteousness.' Eschewing harsh words, Rama pleased everyone by his sweet speech. 
*He countered harsh speech by others with composure, patience, and sweetness and smile.
*He never pried into the affairs of others, he never took notice of their faults, never indulged in ridicule, and never caused any pain to others by the way he spoke to them. 
*He Talk softly - With a pleasing voice and having never felt the pride of a successful warrior - would never tell a lie.   
 *Help anyone who is in need - never felt jealous - never selfish.    Spend his time with learned people and wise elders .

IN SHORT - A PERSON OF ALL GOOD QUALITIES AND ONLY GOOD OF EVERYTHING A character who is welcomed everywhere it is essential for everyone to follow the example set by Rama and cultivate his many noble qualities and do righteous actions. People should entertain sacred thoughts.Thus Shree Rama’s Rajya was very successful and his kingdom remained happily for many years.

If our nation needs the same happiness and prosperity we ought to follow Shree Rama’s Footsteps.

  * Take pride in our work.
  * Don't vote for those with criminal records or known for corruption.
   *Expect to give and get excellent quality of service.
   *Say Big “NO” to Bribing. Stop bribing people.
   *Expect our politicians to be good people.
   *We must first develop character.
   * True education develops character.
   *There is absolutely no use of wealth in the hands of a person without character.
  *Good virtues, good intellect, dedication, devotion, discipline,And duty consciousness—these are the qualities taught by true education.

These are the things people of our country and our politicians ought to learn. They have to start with reforming their own behavior Like Rama first.You cannot have Rama Rajya unless the people behave in an ideal manner themselves.
I wish to awaken you all to the most important and timely ones for humanity now. All the main ills of the modern world will be removed if these lessons from the ideal life of Rama are adopted in our lives individually as well as nationally.  You cannot have Rama Rajya unless the people behave in an ideal manner themselves;There is no doubt, if these principles are immediately adopted, sincerely cherished and earnestly practised real "Rama Rajya" will come about on earth not merely for one kingdom, nation or country, but for the whole world. It will be "Rama Rajya" for the entire humanity.



தி. ரா. ச.(T.R.C.) said...

As the kaliyuka marches forward it is difficult to get Ramarajaya, But people should be honest.Your wish is good "wish well and be well"

Simply said...

Amazing lineation of thoughts, picked equated to the present world. Great work Jaishree ji....

Raghavendran Krishnan said...

This was amazing message. You took great effort to put such message. Yes Sri Ram Rajyam is possible? Is it possible to change the mindset of people to adhere to Rama Rajyam dharma. One thing should be very clear in this Rama is not only lived in treata yuga but he is still living in each one of our devotee ayodhya (heart) and expanding the kingdom. When ever we chant or go to temple think that out king Rama is in the Ayodhya with help of all his minister he is expanding his kingdom still and he will be victorious in that mission because he as kodandam. No one can stand before that. The moto for me to text his Rama is still rulling and he will rule for ever, he will fulfill the devotee heart one day sure. Rama Rama jayA Raja Rama Rama Rama jayA seetha Ram.