Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rainy Day Some Thoughts!

The charming weather, the chilling atmosphere, and the lurking rain! From my window I watch the rain as it washes clean the air gentle tinkling silver drops are falling everywhere.I Love to sit on the window slab and watch the sound of the rain falling on the leaves an roof; and the bunch of flowers are soaked with water, Rain from the sky falls on my window,on the ground....  up my nose; Rain frizzing up my hair, Rain all around. ; I love the feeling Drops of rains falling all over me I feel nature, the beautiful smell of earth! Rain …it has its own beauty!

When it is about to rain, I undergo a strange kind of happiness, I start thinking about the days, While going to school I enjoy drizzle feel in my face is a pleasant experience. The sky was filled with moderately black clouds. Suddenly, it started to drizzle. Soon, it turned into a heavy downpour. I was thrilled, to stepped out to the house.. The cool raindrops caressed my face. The tree branches swayed, the leaves dancing to the tune of the falling rain. Clouds were busy moving and some of them deposited themselves at the horizon. The sun hid behind the clouds feeling happy for an unexpected holiday the clouds brought along.

The melody of the rain, mixed with the noises of the surroundings, infused a new vigor in me. I looked at the moving clouds. ,. While moving, the clouds drew some figures on the white canvas of the sky. I still tried to put the artistic scene and my racing thoughts into words.(When the sky and the clouds are fighting the cloud is shedding tears that is rain).Then The mist that leads you to a walk in the clouds and a beckoning green that comforts in its lushness and purity. The colors of mud and sun-showers and trees that grow in the rain have become part of my mind.

The sounds of rain always chase me smiling. I love the sound of rain. It's the most beautiful natural sound. It catches breath. It’s so calming ;I can sit and listen for hours. And the smell - it's something surreal. It's hard to explain, but there's something special in it. While most people find rainy days gloomy, I just love the monsoon rains! And again I became a child! It brings me all types of emotions which I feel it's difficult to explain...each raindrop remember me of such wonderful emotions… Rain is something to be happy or depressed, but FEEL life. The rain -Its amazing! I love the rain!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose!

It’s my 100th post! Honestly speaking it took too long to hit 100 posts. I’m really feeling sad for this. In due course i started concentrating in food blog and other blogs. And due to busy work schedule i cant able to post regularly. Any way I must first thank everyone that has read my blog and supported, caring, encouraging me, even if just one post caught your interest I am grateful and in MYVIEWS I fully intend to make sure there are many more you might find interesting. . Rose, a token of great love, beauty, courage and respect.With Rose I thank you all for being so very kind!

Here in the garden of my home. I sit and watch these Rose flowers grown, seeing these plants bloom and flower has put a smile on my face.Colourful rose flowers give a beautiful idea of pleasure!

I love roses, they are one of my favorite plants, The soft silky feel of a fresh rose petal evokes tenderness; the fragrant scent of a fresh spring rose brings refreshment; the vibrant colors of red, pink, peach, purple, orange, yellow, and white roses remind us of the dazzling beauty of creation; and getting pricked by a thorn causes pain. Roses are a reflection of life.  I’m more of a pink, purple, deep rose color fan. Day in the morning light is the lovely red petals bring so much joy and happiness to my hearts delight.

A rose always keeps a pose so pure and divine. For whenever i see it near for this rose makes me feel a very great deal of warmth and gentle. Always looking so beautiful and radiant in the morning sun and It is probably the most beloved flower. . Rose is the sign of love. Its pedals are smooth with a bounty of great beauty Shows affectionate feelings Has a unique power. Rose, sways slowly in a breeze Perfuming a scent all its own .It looks so, sweet and light..

One Red rose is for love, beauty, courage and respect, know! Yellow rose is for joy, friendship, delight and new bonds! White rose stands for purity, innocence and humility ever; Pink rose is gifted for appreciation and thanks for deeds. Orange rose is for desire, enthusiasm and passion ever! Lavender rose is linked to love at first sight for all lovers! Blue rose is for healing, dreams and mystery to be realized. Rose is One of God's most beautiful creations contemplates all possible emotions, they’re everywhere in our great land From the mountains to the oceans. The Rose.... a rose can say so much without saying much at all. A Rose Is a Rose and nothing can make that change.