Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walking On Figure 8

One rainy day I slipped down and grill hit on my hip and my left hand got injured. But within few min I was back to normal and continued with my routine. I forgot that incident. After ten days I went for walking normally in the morning and when I was back home suddenly I felt some pain in my hip, but ignored it and continued with my work. To some extend I became unsteady and my mobility declined extremely fast. .  I misdiagnosed my wobbliness for stiff hips and so took pain killer. But I was unable to neither bear pain nor move my right leg. Unfortunately on that day no one was at home. So I remained with pain and lost my bladder control. Next day went to doctor and he suggested for xray and few more test.  In that my hip nerves had got compressed in the bone and affected my bladder nerve. So I was hospitalized and went for Traction, medicine injection. One week hospitalization was terrible. Doctor warned me so many things like…not stand for long time, not to bend, not to sit down. Whether all these conditions will apply for Ordinary Housewife? After coming from hospital the next day I started my household work with pain. somehow I managed to walk few steps in home. I can walk in a straight line, but turning that needs improvement.  When I get tired from walking, I hop like a rabbit. In the mean time I went to my native to attend function. Due to over strain once again I was not able to neither move nor walk. Seeing my trouble in walking and while sitting one of my relatives, who is a yoga teacher suggested me walking on figure 8.
I asked her what is walking on Figure 8? She told me how to walk on F8 and the benefits of F8W .The Figure-of-8 Walk (F8W) involves straight and curved paths and was designed to represent walking skill in everyday life. If walking is one of the best exercises then circle walking is a good exercise for the average to poor health person, it has all the benefits of ordinary walking plus the turning of the body, massages the muscles and organs inside the body. The figure of 8 walking exercises can be done as part of the daily exercise/fitness routine and does not need any special preparations or other exercise equipment.
A simple example would be to walk around a circle about 6 foot in diameter, it can get bigger or smaller and you can also walk in a figure 8. You can do it without leaving where you live, the only rule is to look to the center of the circle in its most simplified version.  We can walk around a tree or plant in their back yard or around a round rug indoors.It can be done along with specific Pranayama and breathing patterns for focused and long lasting health benefits. It is most beneficial method of walking for our health. It is just walking on the figure '8'in the length of approximately 12-16 feet width 6-8 feet. We have to walk both clockwise and anti clockwise. The 6 foot circle works good indoors and outdoors it can be any size.. Dizziness’ is probably reduced this way to, I never thought of it. Changing direction spirals the spine to and fro exercising the multifidis of the vertebrae and squeeze the body tissue increasing elimination.

Figure-of-8 Walk time correlates with gait speed, physical function, confidence in walking and movement control. Straight- and curved-path walking differs in gait characteristics and the distribution of body mass with respect to the base of support. In curved-path walking, shorter stride lengths occur for the inner leg than for the outer leg compared with straight-path walking, with the outer leg traversing a longer distance to round the curve. During curved-path walking, the body's center of mass shifts to the inner foot, with an increase in stance time for the inner foot.

For circular walking in a counterclockwise direction, medial balance is the predominant pattern for the outer foot. Walking in a clockwise direction results in balance over the lateral aspect of the inner foot, whereas for straight-path walking, balance is more equitably shared by the medial and lateral aspects of both feet .Initially I started F8 in my home for 5 min. Then gradually I increased for 10 min .I was able to lift my leg and continue my walking +F8. Unfortunately again I faced problem in same leg. In village while walking with bare foot something pricked on my right feet and as usual I ignored it. After coming from my native, it started paining and had pus formation. Doctor advised me for minor surgery, medicine, and bandage. Again   I lost my balance and had severe pain in my leg and hip. Once wound healed Again I started F8 in my home. Because I was not able to go for long walk. I put circle in my hall and walk around a circle about 6 foot in diameter.
After one month I started my walking again. Now I can walk fast. Somehow I can lift my Leg. Now I not only have lost weight but all organs are functioning properly. She said Morning and evening 15 min walking is enough. Not too fast or slow walking. It’s more useful for sugar and b.p patients. Figure of 8 Walking Exercise (F8) is a health maintenance tool which helps us to avoid and manage chronic diseases such as Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Kidney problems. In Past six months how much I suffered from pain me and God only knows. I never take any pain killer. I recovered only through My Prayers, meditation, will power and F8Whelped me .Those who saw my walking trouble few month back Now they said Wow! Now I use figure eight walk or run in my daily practice..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Piramanayagam Chelliah said...

Keeping walking on Figure there are more benefits tha you imagine

Arthi Nityanand said...

Should we walk bare footed???


Only after 2 hrs of solid food taken.

Nammundi Srinivasan said...

Thanks for explaining the reasons for the benefits

Senthil Kumar said...

Tell me the mesurements

Shri Lakshmi said...

Hi Jaishree, your story is very inspiring! Can you ask your relative in your native place if a pregnant woman can do figure 8 walk?
It would be very useful to hear from authentic people like you and your relative than internet posts who just copy and paste.

Thanks ,

Shri Lakshmi said...

Draw 8 between the following measurements ,
10 - 12 feet length
6 - 8 feet width
Place a sticker in the center of the length direction in north south. That's the center of 8.

Hemakumar said...

Very interestig.Like to practise this,thanking you for sharing