Monday, July 28, 2008

Symbol Of Peace

For last two days I couldn't bear to read the papers in the morning. Nor watch television. There is a news about serial bomb blasts…Now we all need peace. We want to live in peace.We don't want war.. All we really need is peace. This whole wide a world where we all live we need peace. White dove, symbol of peace…Please listen to the cries; To have a life here on earth Yes, we need peace.

We need peace of mind and not pieces of mind

We need peace of heart and not pieces of heart

We need peace of love and not pieces of love

We need peace of soul and not pieces of soul

We need peace of world and not pieces of world

Let there be peace in the world.

Let us all see peace and not war.

Let our homes be adorned with peace,

Let our streets be paved with peace,

Let our cities be set on a peace.

White dove, symbol of peace

Here I am I need your peace;

Before my people fall to pieces,

And bring to me your perfect peace,

Before my people fall apart.

Here we are we need your peace,

White dove, spread your peace,

On every beings on this earth space

To live as one but not in pieces!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lonely Soul...

I am lonely and confused

I wonder about my journey thru life

I see hurt and pain

Alone in the daybreak

Alone in the life

As the days pass by more lonely,

Confused, not known where to go

Pain Inside, I am hurting inside

Needing someone to care

I want it all to go away

I understand my responsibilities

I worry what happens when I don’t try

I cry in the dark

I am lonely and confused

I try harder,

I hope to find the light

The lonely soul decides;

Not to die, but to face,

Life in all its hardships

The lonely soul wanders..... .

Monday, July 14, 2008

It’s the voices of freedom…..

Friedrich Hayek famously noted that "liberty" and "freedom" have probably been the most abused words in recent history. Freedom is a high-sounding concept, which may have benefited you and me? Now I am writing about individual freedom; that means; make your own decisions without being controlled by anyone else. Men or Women, Rich or Poor, Young or Old, Literate or Illiterate. How many persons have freedom in their individual life? Here I am not writing about the people who have freedom in their life and in the name of freedom how they are misusing their life & in the name of liberty…

Whether we actually have the freedom of choice and speech and the freedom to dream and actualize our dreams without the fear of losing our values?

It's a fact that we're born caged. We spend all our lives looking for freedom. We'll keep looking for and fighting for that individual freedom. We do not know what slavery and oppression is like. We have never seen it in our life, only heard about it, or read about it. We do not know, and maybe we will never know what it is like being without a right to protest, without a right to even raise our voice, may be even without a right to write blogs freely. What if we there were censors restricting our right to speak, write and see? Of course, it will be a nightmare. And this nightmare will make us realize the value of freedom……

Freedom means..

Freedom is the right to do as one pleases so long as it does not impose on another person’s freedom the condition of being free from restriction or control.The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.The condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude or forced labor

We simply ignored the statement, thinking of it we all take breathe air in and out of our bodies for granted. But what would happen if we spent a few days with the air supply strictly rationed. If every breathe of air that we take with so much of ease, right now was not so easy to take. That is when we would realize its value, its true value. Freedom is pretty much the same.

As freedom allows them to lead their lives the way they want to, Freedom to me is the choice to think, live and act the way I want to; The choice to say yes or no.
Freedom allows me to be myself:
Freedom to me is the ability to live my life the way ,
Freedom should give me that I want to the full right to expression.
Freedom to me is the power to be anywhere without fear. I don't think women in this country have got that freedom yet.
Freedom to wear clothes of their choice

Freedom to make friends of their choice…
Freedom to raise their voice…
Freedom to study courses of their choice…
Freedom to pursue career of their choice…

Freedom to choose life partner…
Freedom to make informed choices…

Freedom to make informed choices…
The true meaning may be then, we will start to take our freedom seriously only then will we have lived a free life, without losing our values Fly to the air, sound mind, and ease thoughts….. Looking for a little action, looking for a place to go looking for a little inspiration, only then we will know what freedom means. It’s the voices of freedom…..

If you want something you never had, do something you have never done. Don't go the way life takes you ...