Sunday, July 31, 2022

Malshej Ghat-Weekend Trip


Malshej Ghat is a popular weekend picnic spots of tourists. Malshej Ghat is also referred to as Marshes Ghat or Maljesh Ghat by some people. The holiday destination of Malshej Ghat is located in the Thane district of Maharashtra state in India. It connects Kalyan with Ahmednagar. The mountain pass of Malshej Ghat is situated on the Kalyan–Ahmednagar Road in Western Ghats range. 


The average height of Malshej Ghat is 2297 feet or 700 meters. The main attractions of Malshej Ghat are its numerous waterfalls in monsoon, village walks, flamingos and breath-taking views of the verdant valley. The tall mountains, waterfalls and lakes of Malshej Ghat add to its beauty.

Enroute To Malshej Ghat

The route towards Malshej Ghat offered some of the nicest views and we could not stop praising the massive greenery and the tranquil surroundings during the journey through the curvy Ghat roads.I Immersed in the beauty of the surroundings. . 


 It is a sight to behold for its wholesome greenery, village life and a layer of mist as clouds descend into the region.


 We stopped at few places to click photos of the picturesque scenery around. On the highway. The sun blazed high on the sky, as the distant mountains flew past into the blur, some of them still covered in a thin layer of snow. These lofty ranges were constant companions and unsurprising.


Almost at every curve of the road, one is bound to find a cascading waterfall. 


 Walking through the gushing water is a lifetime experience. Rolling hills and the misty clouds descending into the hills which looked fabulous.

Malshej Ghat Waterfalls:

This hill station is renowned for its waterfalls, placid lakes and serene mountains. Beautiful waterfalls, verdant green hillsides, interesting rock formations, the hill station of Malshej Ghat has all of this its spectacular flora and fauna, Malshej Ghat also has historic forts, resorts and sanctuaries.


When I visited Malshej Ghat, I was amazed to see so many gushing waterfalls right on the road. The hilly areas of Malshej Ghat come alive with numerous waterfalls in the rainy season. .


 While some waterfalls ate located deep in the forest, many are located right on the highway itself. Some waterfalls can also be seen in the far distance but they are inaccessible.



Small, big, huge, mighty, high, low, noisy, calm, rocky, dry, steep, shallow, scenic, sparkling, beautiful  you’ll get waterfalls of every type here. It is a fantastic getaway for people looking to spend some quality time with nature.

Valley View Point:

This offbeat place offers bird’s eye view of the gorgeous valley which sprawls over a vast area of land.


 From here, you can appreciate the view of valley till as far as the eye can see. It is a must-visit place in Malshej Ghat.


There is a viewing platform here as well from where you can enjoy the views of the green hills and waterfalls. I love to sit and chill at such places for at least 30 minutes. 


It is an amazing feeling to stand at the top of the mountains with all the clouds beside you and the nature below you! 


During the rainy season, you can just stand here and the clouds will come to kiss your face gently. Yes, it is one of those places.We can see many street vendors selling piping hot Vada Paos here. Binging on hot Vada Pao in rainy season is heavenly indeed! Malshej Ghat Tunnel is a tourist attraction in itself!

Pimpalgaon-Joga Dam:

Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is in Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra. It is about a 5 KM long dam. The dam has the very scenic surroundings which give it a panoramic view.


 A lot of bird species such as Alpine Swift, the Whistling Thrush, the Quail and migratory birds like the Flamingos can be spotted at this location. Many birding enthusiasts visit Malshej Ghat only for spotting various avian species.Beautiful lake with mountain backdrop. Feels so calm and rejuvenating.


There is no entry fee at Malshej Ghat. All the places to visit in Malshej Ghat are free. Malshej Ghat is one of those places where there are many free things to do. Not only can you have a free walking tour of Malshej Ghat but also enjoy the bounty of nature without spending on any entrance fee.


The drive to Malshej Ghat has amazing views of the dense valleys, waterfalls, and forests.


 We took many stopovers in between for the splendid waterfalls and landscapes along the way.These long drives in enchanting greenery are what really energies and refreshes me and feel so peaceful.

You can experience the beauty of nature only when you sit with it, observe it, breathe it and talk to it.”

Friday, July 8, 2022

Little Things Makes me Happy!

Sometimes life can get crazy and it’s difficult to find the time to do the things that brings us joy. The problem is that when you do go through tough times and change, you’re not really the same person you once were. You have these new, unpleasant life-changing experiences, yes. What you also have are the lessons that came along with them. But taking some time out to appreciate and be grateful for simple pleasures really helps me stay positive and happy. Deep down, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, and it’s the simple things that always bring a smile to my face. 

Some days just don’t go your way. Because some days are tougher than the others. Some days you just need a reminder that the smallest of things can bring the brightest of joys. While thinking about “What makes me Happy”? A list of things that make me happy, and as an added bonus, they don’t even cost. I am not someone difficult to please. The smallest of things puts a smile on my face. 

Early morning I sit quietly for a few minutes and look out of the window. There’s nothing different every new day but the energy is abundant from nature. The cool breeze on my face and body makes me happy The sky and its different moods fill me with inexplicable joy. Whether it is a bright blue cloudless sky or one in which there’s a display of thick clouds, it doesn’t matter. Just standing in the balcony and watching the rain fall or a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, the gently swaying coconut palms is enough to bring on the elation. 

The soothing sounds of ‘rain’ and even ‘thunderstorms’! How many of you love the sound of pouring down rain and first seeing that ‘flash of light’ streaking through the sky followed by the crackling sound of thunder?! this indeed puts me in an elevated mood. Going for a Walk: I enjoy the beauty of the nature. Watching the sun rise and watching the birds going out of their nests fills you with joy.

 A song, a message, a smile, a good book, a surprise gift, Cooking meal something that turns out delicious, putting clothes to dry on the line, looking around at your just-tidied home with everything in its place, friends who visit… a full night’s sleep rare to me nowadays, Listening to loud music, finding the right song to match my mood, gazing upon an amazing sunrise or sunset, finding nd chasing a butterfly,taking the time to hear and listen to the birds singing,gazing up at the stars on a clear night, making something I’m pleased with, when my husband makes me laugh( Its very rare)a good book with happy ending, having time to myself to watch a show I like; time by myself to do whatever I want with, finding ways to celebrate the seasons. 

Feeding birds, walking barefoot on grass, walking in the woods, when I find solution to problems, being appreciated, be pampered, good painting, shopping paint & brushes,The excitement of opening a new one, Watching my house plants grow, watching kids play, Feeling you get after good cry, after eating sweet if sugar level is normal wow what a feeling! The list of things that please me and makes me Smile, is endless and long. But taking some time out to appreciate and be grateful for simple pleasures really helps me stay positive and happy.

 Deep down, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, and it’s the simple things that always bring a smile to my face You need to take a break and smile. You need to look around and feel happiness. This adds more positivity to you and simple things make you happy. There could be many other things which can be added to the list. Make your list of little things which make you happy.

Life may not let me choose my lot,

But whether I'd be happy or not...

That is my choice.

Enjoy little things in life, for some day you realize it were the big things.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Venkatachalapathy Temple-Krishnapuram


We both belong to Tirunelveli Dist. Tirunelveli is a place that is worth a visit at least once in the lifetime. There are many places in Tirunelveli that attract many tourists towards the place. Some of them include dams, temples, sanctuaries, sculpture houses, waterfalls, and hills and so on. Apart from the places there food and tradition of this place are very rich and unique.

Tirunelveli's history dates back to 2000 year ago, and thus, the city is inarguably one of the best places to trace the stories of various dynasties and its legends.Whenver we came to our home  town we visit all temples and waterfalls etc. In our last visit we visited Venkatachalapathy temple.


Krishnapuram is a small temple village near Tirunelveli, The village is home to the Venkatachalapathy Temple, another grand architectural marvel Located about 7 kms from Tirunelveli city on the way to Tiruchendur Murugan temple. One of the best architecture temple in southern India. This temple devoted to Venkatachalapathy is having a sprawling complex containing a big prakaram for cirambulation


Here lies Sri Venkatachalapathy temple built by Sadasiva Devaraya in 9th century and extended by Naicker rulers two centuries later. During the Madurai Nayaka period. Inscriptions say the temple was built by Krishnappa Nayak, after whom the place is named. The temple is spread over an area of 1.8 acres. Originally, the temple had three praharams, built from solid granite.


 But the outermost praharam was demolished by an Izlamic general Chanda Sahib at the orders of Nawab of Arcot.

The principal shrine, fronted by a five-tier Rajagopuram is flanked by two simpler sub-shrines, to goddesses Alamelumanga and Padmavathi. They are both in seated posture. The main deity, Venkatachalapathy, is four-armed, standing and with the ubhaya nachiyars. Lord in Bogasthanam is with his consorts Sri Devi and Bhoodevi. The stoopas, shilpas though centuries old depict the carvers mind and the realities of the times with writings of 9th century visible.


There is a corridor before entering the main temple which has gigantic 15-20 feet bronze statues which is the highlight of the temple. The statues are so intricate inside staring on one side of the pillar and literally curving to the other side. there are 42 such statutes in one hall alone. Unfortunately it was very dark inside and we could hardly make out the beautiful statues without a good torch/flashlight.

In the outer corridor we can see statues (protected by steel mesh) as follows on entering to our right starting with



1) A Nomad in dancing pose,


2) A gypsy woman kidnapping a Prince on her shoulder (as per the tamil writing above the statue), On the same pillar we see a horseman with the legs of the horse on a person kneeling down.

3) Karna in a majestic standing posture. On the same pillar we have a smaller statue behind Karna



4) There is a beautiful Murti of KuravanA gypsy man kidnapping a Princess on his shoulder(as per the tamil writing above the statue).The grace in his stance has to be seen to be believed. The shilpi has caught him mid-motion. The Murti does not look status. It looks like he is going to complete the movement any moment. We can notice his ribs, the curve of his calves, the place where his hair bun bears the indent of the princess’s fingers, as she steadies herself. On either sides of the man we see a man on a horse and 2 smaller figures of men holding on to the gypsy as to preventing him from kidnapping. 

5) A statue of Arjuna with his bow in standing pose,


6) Another Statue of Nomad where astounding scuptures that are life size over five and a half feet, Nerves are seen in the human forms, All these sculptures were made from a single Granite stone,In one statue, a leg, extended into air is two and a half feet , it projects from the torso and this sculpture is also made of single stone.

In the statue of Manmatha (God of Love) , a Bow of Sugar Cane, which is his weapon is found. The bow, with its curved structure stands about five feet tall.


 In the Statute of Rathi, consort of Manmatha, one can find her cheeks puffed up swallowing Thamboola!  Her hairstyle and jewellery are exquisite. The Shilpi has carved her fingers with gap between them as she artistically holds a mirror. All this is done in one single block of granite!

There is a larger than life Murti of Arjun, the warrior. You can see the bamboo grooves of his bow, the proud half-smile on his face, his armour and his warrior like stance

An elephant and a Cow


The other fascinating sculpture here is that of two animals made out of one stone. As one looks from the left, one sees an elephant lifting its tusk. From the other side, though, this same image shows us a cow- truly a terrific piece of art.


When we visited this temple there is no visitors. Only we saw priest in sanctorum  and we workers cleaning the temple. Feel sad that such a heritage temple has to well maintained and lot of tourist must visit the place to see Lord and ancient culture and sculpture.  Sadly, the temple has ugly iron railings that are supposed ‘protect’ the Murtis, but serve as an eyesore! I really wish Hindu temples were managed better. Our ancestors went to great trouble to carve such exquisite Murtis, the least we can do is to look after them. Please visit Krishnapuram if you can.

I clicked few pictures with temple permission.