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Strange is the Path of love...

Strange is the Path of love-MeeraBai 

From ancient times to the present generations have passed but true love, or the bonding of two people has not changed its color the only thing that has changed is the way of expressing love and love-making. Whatever may be the time; love holds its own position in everyone’s life. Though love of past has more preference over the love of ‘Today’ as it was more dramatic and emotion based. Love is an eternal feeling which lies inside every human being but with time and mentalities, the behavior varies from lover to lover. Unfortunately, a number of people down through the ages have been unable to find true love.

When we speak of true Love; Love never bargains, trades or never expects. Love never complains, never demands, and never hopes. Love never accepts anything less than Love, and therefore, never lowers itself to physical, mental or intellectual pleasures. Love cannot be measured, imagined, argued about or logically arrived at. Only full faith and complete surrender to the will of Love enables us to totally dissolve our ego and merge into this ocean of love.

We all sooner or later begin to aspire for that true Love which cannot be described but can be experienced without a doubt. It is my intention to show that it is possible for every creature to experience that Love in this very life, however short it may be. For this, we have excellent examples of gopikas -- the shepherd-girls of Vrindavan ,Meerabai and Andal in south. Who have achieved the ultimate Love in their human life. They were by no means literate in our ordinary sense of education.

One such perfect gopi was Radha who was reborn as Meerabai. I felt its good only if i write some words about Meerabai and her love for Lord Krishna. Meerabai who is more commonly known as Meera was a Perfect Incarnation of Love and a living example of the Prema Bhakti (Divine Love) and an inspired poetess. Meera’s songs infuse Faith, Courage, Devotion and the unconditional Love of for God Krishna is reflected in her poetry and songs that she had dedicated to her lover. The songs speak of both the joy and the pain of love. For, her Krishna was everything as in lover, husband, lord and master. Her poems beautifully express the innate feelings of her heart.

In her Poems She says, strange is the path when you offer your love. Your body is crushed at the first step. If you want to offer love Be prepared to cut off your head And sit on it. Let us empathize Her expression of love through two of her poems;

O my friends,
What can you tell me of Love,
Whose pathways are filled with strangeness?
When you offer the Great One your love,
At the first step you body is crushed.
Next be ready to offer your head as his seat.
Be ready to orbit his lamp like a moth
      giving in to the light,
To live in the deer as she runs toward
      the hunter's call,
In the partridge that swallows hot coals
      for love of the moon,
In the fish that, kept from the sea, happily dies.
Like a bee trapped for life in the closing
      of the sweet flower.
Mira has offered herself to her Lord.
She says, the single Lotus will swallow you whole.

My Lord, the love that binds us cannot be broken.
It is hard as the diamond that shatters
      The hammer that strikes it.
As polish goes into the gold, my heart
      Has gone into you.
As a lotus lives in its water, I am rooted in you.
Like the bird that gazes all night at the passing moon,
I have blinded myself in giving my eyes to your beauty.
She who offers herself completely asks only this:
That her Lord love Mira as fully as he is loved.

Ref— Mirabai (1498-1550),   Ecstatic Poems

Meerabai looked upon Krishna as her lover, seeking spiritual and physical union with him. Her writings were at the same time, spiritual and sensual. Her songs portray the only existence was that of Krishna - her sole object of desire. Her love for Krishna was above love for her friends and family. Meerabai is the most respected and loved poetess in the history of India. So that we can paint a perfect picture of Her, For True Love Many were inspired, by her example. She was indeed one of the foremost embodiments of Premabhakthi that ever walked on earth.  


எல் கே said...

well thats divine love for the starters. she did not expect anything from krishna. even aandal did the same .. that wht we call as true love. thanks for the article

Prajeeth Prasadan said...

Good one Jaishreeji.

Shanthi said...

Divine and nice one

Jaishree said...

Thank you Karthik, Prajeeth & Shanthi:)

Ratnadeep said...

Thanks for sharing the post. Devotees like Mirabai, Andal, Sakhubai, Vengamamba, etc have set great examples for the path of Prema bhava.

But I don't think she was the incarnation of Radharani. She was the incarnation of Radha's close friend Lalita.