Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Song of India...

The Song of India

“What song shall I sing of you Mother?” I asked

Shall I sing

Of the Himalayas with their snow-born Peaks

Of the three seas that wash your Palm?

Shall I sing

“Of your clear dawn with pure gold streaks?”

Said the mother Imperturable calm:

Sing of the beggar and Leper

That swam my streets.

Sing of the filth and the dirt

That foul my sylvan retreats:

“What song shall I sing of you Mother?” I asked

Shall I sing

Of your rock cut temples, epics in stone,

Of your children that died to call you their own

Of the seers and prophets that hewed that straight path

For the man that pilgrims alone?”

Said the Mother in indignant words

That beat into my ears like gong,

That flew about me, a pitiful thing.

Like great white birds:

Sing of the millions that tail

Sing of the wrinkled face

Indexing ignorance.

Sing of the helpless child

Born in a bleak, dark home.

Nervous I yet would ask,

Deeming it my task:

What song shall I sing of you, my mother?

What song?

Shall I sing of the dam and the lake?

Of steel mills , the shipbuilding yard?

Of the men that work hard.

To technologies, to put you on the page

Of the Atomic Age?

Said the Mother: of these you may sing.

But sing also of the strikes, early and late.

Of iron men that come in their wake.

O class- war and its correlate.’

Querulous, I said:

Is there no song that I can sing of you,

Heart whole , alloyed?

A song bathed in the stainless blue

Unvapouring in the void?”

At that the mother rose, draped in the blue sky.

Milk-white oceans heaved round her.Their waves.

Were the entrancing and enthroning light.

On which she sat and wrote the book of the Morrow

Her forehead opened like earth’s destiny

Yielding the sun God cancelling all sorrow.

It was clear dawn like a nightmare fled the inght

An the sun-beam was as the hand that saves.

Author: Vinayaka Krishna Gokak

The Poem was written by Vinayaka Krishna Gokak in the form of a dialogue between Mother India and the Poet. In this Poem The Poet wants to present glorious picture of the past and also wishes to paint India’s natural beauty .

As Indians we can rightly be proud of our country’s natural beauty, Its Rich cultural heritage, its ancient wisdom, Its glorious freedom struggle and its industrial progress. As the same time we should not ignore the numerous ills affecting our motherland Like Poverty disease, environmental degradation, ignorance, illiteracy, unemployment, caste, and class conflicts and a hundred forms of exploitation. We should try to eradicate them as far as Possible.

As poet said Our mother India has to write the book of our destiny, cancelling all our sorrow. Tomorrow should be clear dawn..Our nightmare should fled in the night. We have to write our bright future…

Sujalaam ….Sufalaam ….Malayaja Sheetalaam …. Dream for bright future….

Let us pledge for commitment to our constitution ….

Let us Pledge to fight against terrorism ….

Let us pledge to fight against communal ism….

Unity in diversity …… and towards continual progress

Striving always for peace ….

Vande Mataram! ! Jai Hind!!!

Happy Republic Day!


Lena said...

beautiful post dear!
here is to the better tomorrow of India! :)

Jaishree said...

Thank u lena:)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Lovely poem,thanks for sharing dear :)

Jaishree said...

Thank u Sameera:)

Aakash said...

We are going to use this poem for our choral recitation competition held in our school
Thank you for posting

Sai Viji said...

The bright side and the dark side of India is beautifully described in this poem. The whole poem has a sustained imagery..

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Narendra Prasad said...

Is there lyrics for this song

Narendra Prasad said...

Is there lyrics for this song

shivamahi said...

Pls share original Kannada version of this poem


super thoughts to criticise our system...


super thoughts to criticise our system