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Pournami Nilavil..My favorite songs about Moon

My Favourite Moon  Songs

The night is so dark despite being patched with the twinkling stars and her highness, queen of night, the moon. We were sitting on the open balcony under the open sky. There was magic in the air, silhouette of trees on opposite open ground; which resulted some magical combination in atmosphere. Me with my children always enjoy this atmosphere. In Silence . Feeling a sense of calmness and peace seems to reflect on life. My Son asked me, "Ok tell me what are you thinking?", I said "I am thinking about all those beautiful songs on moon, I believe that the lyricists got the ideas in this kind of environment itself and they fill our heart with glory and beauty."

There is something extraordinarily tranquil about listening to these old and Ilayaraja sir's Tamil songs from a FM in my mobile late in the night. I have often think  that  poets and lyricists  must have been in love themselves to bring out such deep and meaningful thoughts in their poems and songs. The voices of SPB, Malaysia Vasudevan, Illayaraja, Jency ,Swarnalatha chitra,S Janaki, PB Srinivas, There is a magic in their voice that reminds us of a moonlit night’s soothing calm and of a cool gentle breeze on a scorching summer day. I shared my feelings about music , lyrics to my children. They too share their favorite songs .Today I share my favorite songs on Moon

What a wonderful song! every word of this song has some sangadhi and gamakam, classy art of working  in the Raga Simendramadhyamam. lyrics are so meaningful.

One of most favourite song from the Great SPB. I like this song for lyrics and for SPB sir's voice.
 பக்கத்தில் நீயுமில்லை பார்வையில் ஈரமில்லை
 சொந்தத்தில் பாஷை இல்லை சுவாசிக்க ஆசை இல்லை
 கண்டு வந்து சொல்வதற்கு காற்றுக்கு ஞானம் இல்லை 
நீலத்தை பிரித்துவிட்டால் வானத்தில் ஏதுமில்லை
 தள்ளி தள்ளி நீ இருந்தால் சொல்லி கொள்ள வாழ்க்கை இல்லை.Wow! what a lyric

பௌர்ணமி நிலவில் பனி விழும் இரவில்  கடற்கரை மணலில் இருப்போமா  மௌனத்தின் மொழியில் மயக்கத்தின் நிலையில்  கதை கதையாக படிப்போமா Beautifully sung by SPB and Janaki Ji. The song was composed by M.S.Viswanathanji lyrics vaali

The melodious love song,"Vaan Nila Nila Alla" sung by SP Balasubramaniam Oh! What A composition with beautiful flow of violin .Lovely Lyrics by Great Kannadasan
deivam kallila oru thokaiyin(nedil tho) sollil inbam kattila aval degak kattila

I cannot find words to describe the feelings that this song evokes even after all these years. excellent melody. What a song, I was just mesmerized...Whenever I listen to this song . one of the best evergreen melody of SPB. Music: V.Dakshinamoorthy Lyrics: Na.Pandurangan. Full credit goes to the great composer Dakshinamoorthy sir and the one and only singer for this song SPB.

l like the lyrics of the song. what a wonderful of the best guitar melodies what a combination of this unit Ilayaraja, SPB & Vairamuthu Fabulous composition hats off to lead guitarist chandrasekarji 
 நீல வானிலே வெள்ளி ஓடைகள் 
போடுகின்றதே என்ன ஜாடைகள் 
விண்வெளியில் விதைத்தது யார் நவமணிகள் 
இளைய நிலா பொழிகிறதே இதயம் வரை நனைகிறதே Mukilingal alaikirathe mugavarigal tholainthanavo.. Mugavarigal thaviriyathal aluthidumo athu mazhaiyo.... Awesome lyrics.... Thanks to Mr Vairamuthu Sir.... This is one song where lyrics, music and movie scene have all come together to make it a perfect song.

Nilavukku En Mael Ennadi KobamGolden voice of Dr.P.B.S. How many times I've heard this song!!! A BW classic to the lovely voice of PB Srinivas set to the tune by the legendary duo MSV & TKRamamoorthy ji

One of raja's best melodies One of the best melodies by ilaya raja, the song has good a soothing effect, A song which u can be listening for ever end ever, Amazing music score By issai gnani Illayaraja Sir, Hats Off to you Sir!!!!
Nilaveparthu vanam sonnathu

The beauty of the lyrics blend so well with the music,
 நிலவைப் பார்த்து வானம் சொன்னது, என்னைத் தொடாதே.., நிழலைப்பார்த்து பூமி சொன்னது, என்னைத் தொடாதே..!, , நதியைப் பார்த்து, நாணல் சொன்னது, என்னைத் தொடாதே.., நாளைப் பார்த்து இரவு சொன்னது.., என்னைத் தொடாதே What a Lyrics written by Kannadasan!!!

An evergreen song beautifully rendered by PBSrinivas in his magical voice.I Love this song for his voice and lyrics.

Where is the mesmerism ? is it in the lyrics, music, tune, voice ? Extra Ordinary Rendition.  One of my all time favorite.

Arrahman's one of the Classic melody Song. So pleasant to hear in Hariharan Ji 's voice and heart touching

Vennilave vennilave I love this song very much for lyrics, Music, choreograph,picturization and melodious voice of Hariharan ji
Songs of singers that are a sweet comfort, in our moments of loneliness ….. In a voice that echoes in our ears with tenderness when even the full moon and the gentle breeze fail to comfort us.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kundalakesi-Tamil Epic

Tamil language is as old as Sanskrit and Tamil has a hoary past. The Epics in Tamil literature revealing the relativity of our own values. The Five Great Epics in Tamil literature which are large narrative in Tamil namely Cilappatikaram, Manimekalai, CivakaChintamani, Valayapathi and Kundalakesi. 

The 5 Great Epics, also known as Aimperumkappiyam.. The Five Great Epics were composed during the period between 1st Century CE and 10th Century CE..Out of these, only Kundalakesi and Valayapathi are in existence. Amongst the Five Great Epics, Kundalakesi and Manimekalai are Buddhist religious literary works, Valayapathi and Civaka Cintamani are Jain literary works and Cilappatikaram has a neutral religious observation. then the 'discovery' and enjoyment of Tamil literature.
Recently I read  one of the unique epic Kundalakesi. These epic provide the historical verification of cultural, social, religious and academic life of the people of that era and it points out the common folly in being attached to worldly things and how important it is to follow the path to enlightenment through a religion or by wisdom. I am glad that I could explore a small part of Tamil literature today.
The Story of Kundalakesi has inspired me a lot ever since I read .. Kundalakesi was composed before fifth century. Originally there are ninety nine verses but only nineteen verses are available. The story of these epics too, is not clear. However, from what is available, we know that epics belonging to other religions were destroyed, though they have their own literary merits.
 The poet who composed this epic was Nagakutthanaar. He was an ardent Buddhist, who is believed to have known all about his previous births. He is supposed to have lived during the 10th century A.D.   ‘Kesi’ means a lady’s plait. As her hair was curly, she was called Kundalakesi. Her name has been taken as the title of this epic..
Story Of Kundalakesi:
Kundalakesi was the leading character and was born in a merchant family in Puhar. Initially she was known as Bhadra. She lost her mother at a young age and lived a sheltered life. One day she saw a thief being paraded in the streets and falls in love with him. His name was Kaalan and he was sentenced to death. Obsessed with Kaalan, she begs her father to save him. Her father appeals to the king for the release of the thief. In order to release Kaalan he pays Kaalan's weight in gold and 81 elephants to the treasury.
 Kundalakesi and Kaalan are married. Although she loved her husband very dearly, her husband being a thief, was only attracted to her property and her jewels. One day in a light vein she refers to him as a thief. This enrages Kaalan and he decides to kill his wife. One day, he coaxed her to put on all her jewellery and led her to a mountain saying that he wanted to make some offerings to the guardian spirit of the mountain because that guardian spirit had saved his life when he was about to be killed. Kundalakesi went along with her husband, but when they reached their destination, the thief revealed that he intended to kill her and take her jewels. She is shocked to hear this and. She pleaded with him to take her jewels, but to spare her life, but it was of no avail. She then realized that if she did not get rid of her husband, there would be no way of escape for her. She felt she must be cautious and crafty. So she asks him to grant a final wish - she wishes to worship him by going round him three times said to her husband, she wanted to pay respect to him for the last time. So saying, and going round the man respectfully. He agrees and when she gets behind him, Kundalakesi pushes him, thereby killing him. 
After this, she had no desire to return home. She left all her jewellery hanging on a tree, and went on her way, without any idea where she was going. She happened to come to a place of some Paribbajikas (female wandering ascetics) and she herself became a Paribbajikas a Buddhist monk and spends the rest of her life spreading the teachings of Buddha. She carries out theological battles with Jains and Hindus, defeating them in debates. She finally attains superior liberation. In one of the versions, it is believed that she was a Jain in her initial life and she shattered conventions by becoming a nigrantha or naked monk.
The story actually amazed me! Feminism was so strong and bold those days. We preach these days about being bold women, do not know actually know if we are !
There is also a small message in this story True penance is controling your feelings. pleasure and Praise belongs to those who having Mind Purity.everything is  seemed to be predestination
A man may conquer a million men in battle, but one who conquers himself is, indeed, the greatest of conquerors.Real freedom is freedom from all forms of bondage. It can be achieved only through proper spiritual development and purification of one's own mind - purging and cleansing oneself from all taints of greed, hatred and delusion.

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