Monday, December 21, 2009

The Earth Laughs in Flowers...

The Earth Laughs in Flowers- Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Earth Laughs in Flowers.How True? Flowers are the nature’s most beautiful gift. They have inspired generations of poets and artists .For each artist, flowers and their beauty have had its own meaning. Flowers are all so pretty and sweet. They come in many sizes, They bloom and blossom, from day to day, and bring us they lighten our loads with fragrance. Every beautiful flower Which were so diverse And unique they were Like and in fragrance. Everyday a new flower is born .Its destiny unknown Some will grow and flourish; The aroma fills the air .Some will wilt and die .The fragrance of the flowers are pleasing to the gods. Yes, The Earth Laughs in Flowers . 

Whenever I am  in pensive mood flowers flash upon that inward eye and then my heart fills, with pleasure ; beautiful thought comes Which adds a smile In mind of mine.I love Flowers:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Young Pigeons

Two days back I stopover at one of my friends home where she is staying in 4 th floor.while talking with her Just As I looked out onto the balcony, I saw two young pigeons in one of her flower pot..I wondered why the birds had nested there, right in front of the window, near the swish of the curtains and people moving around inside the flat. Usually People often wonder why they never see baby pigeons ?But I amazed when I looked at the Squabs just near to me.Squab is a still nested bird (in the pigeon species) that has not yet learned to fly.

Young Pigeons have a demure and gentle appearance with small, narrow beaks with large awkward eyes and almost thin floppy neck.. the beak on this young bird was anything but small. I can see that some of the beak will be covered by the feathers that will grow in front of the bird’s beak and start to stretch his wings, On closer inspection,

I saw a little black eye blinking! I got the camera again as the young bird poked his head out. He pulled back in when I got close. But I saw he was good in size

.One of the parent watching its young one from the distance and came back two more times to the nest.
Some interesting facts about pigeons

Pigeons are found almost everywhere on Earth; however, they don’t occur in very cold places or in very dry places.
Pigeon and dove are synonyms: they are the same thing. There are 309 different species, belonging to the taxonomic family Columbidae.
During the first several days the baby pigeon’s eyes remain closed and the squab remains relatively quiet in the nest. Once the eyes open, however, many baby pigeons are ready to start moving about.
Baby pigeons rely on “pigeon milk” for nourishment after their resting period. This is a mixture of regurgitated food and water delivered by the parents in the same fashion that most bird parents feed their young. The feeding process is relatively simple as the pigeon milk is poured directly down the young bird’s gullet from the parent’s beak.
When the baby pigeons start to develop the ability to move, which is around the time that their feathers start to resemble that of an adult pigeon, they need a larger space than that of their original nesting place. I
By the time the little guys grow to about 4 weeks in age, it is time for them to move away from home and start feeding themselves
Pigeons drink water by sucking it up through the beak, a feature unusual in birds
Pigeons are powerful flyers. Racing pigeons can reach speeds of 70 km/hr (44 mph).
Because of their amazing ability to find their way home, even over very large distances, homing pigeons have been used to deliver messages since the time of the early Egyptians.
The familiar city pigeon is just one of a large family of beautiful and adaptable birds. Humans have a mixed relationship with these interesting species

Monday, November 2, 2009

Life Still Has a Meaning

Life Still Has a Meaning If you know How to live it!

Life journey is a long one...... Where are we going??? Most of the time the answer to this question is unknown but still we keep moving, traversing the Such a meaningful exercise leads to an awareness of the truth, that life is the journey … This enquiry into the value of life with the aim of exploring its meaning and purpose is the most worthwhile pursuit of any individual, purpose of human life is to seek salvation Life is really not a bed of roses, we must work very hard in order to achieve our goals in life. In the period of the journey, an individual has to cross life’s journey (a mix of joy and sorrow) with care without forgetting the goal of the journey.

We can think of our lives journey in many different ways. From our beginning life is taking us to a destination with challenging adventures along the way. Life may be seen as an ocean voyage across unknown depths where storms occasionally toss us about as we seek the safety of calm shores. An old bluegrass song tells us that life is like journeying on a mountain railway with hills, tunnels, dangerous curves and the need of a brave engineer. In the Life journey; God gave us the gift of life, it should be lived at all costs! we find happiness, laughter, sorrows, tears, heartaches, deep blows, jilts, BETRAYAL, despite all that accept that at some turns of our life we find it difficult to cope with some kind of a situation, and sometimes get so much depressed with life that we say we wish to end this life, what’s the use of being alive....... but after some time we regret having said so and we once again start enjoying this life the way it is!!!.......we then realize that pains and heartaches are for short durations be it tough and killing at the moment it hurts, despite that life is to be lived and enjoyed each minutes, say each second, every lapse of a moment is precious and should be LIVED… Life Still Has A Meaning.

Let us not allow ourselves to drift into the past, nor should we avoid the realities of the moment by thinking about the future. We know we cannot change the past, but we can ruin the present if we are not careful. So let us not squander the precious little lifetime given to us by feeling sorry for the past that NEVER returns, or worrying about the future that is UNCERTAIN. Let us try to optimize joy in our lives by focusing on the here and now. Our domain is the present. we have only one chance to live the happy life of a unique human being and NOBODY gets a second chance!!
There is a new tomorrow and life still has meaning. Live life with no excuse and love with no regrets. When Life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile. Make a life meaningful…. Be there in life of someone. Be there to support someone. Be there to Love someone. Be there to be loved by someone. Be there for yourself. Be there for others. Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Keep the faith and drop the fear.

Life is wonderful if you know how to live. Each day is as special as you want it to be………MAKE IT GREAT. God gave us the gift of life; it’s up to us to give it to ourselves the gift of good living and happiness…

The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.
Smile... Share... Live! Life will be Beautiful..!
May all your days be full of joy and Peace..!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Trip To Mahabaleshwar...

This time I had two wonderful occasions to celebrate... First was Diwali and then my husband’s birthday… and the Best part My children had Diwali vacation. What we wanted was a a nice, relaxing weekend & wanted to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. So we made a two days trip to mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar is a serene hill station located at an altitude of 1500 Meters (4500 Ft.) above the sea level – and offers some great views of valleys and rivers flowing. We enjoyed some scenic beauty, a quiet environment ,fresh air, good breeze and lovely sight-seeing. Panchgani is situated 20 kms East of Mahabaleshwar and spreads out over five hills. The name actually means 'five lands' and in this very popular hill station, We visited both place.

This picturesque hill station, also known as the Queen of Maharashtra's hill stations, is located in the Western Ghats, cradled in the Sahyadri ranges. An altitude of 1,372 m     gives it the distinction of being the highest hill station in Western India. Mahabaleshwar, is named after Lord Shiva also called Lord Mahabali, enshrined at the Gokarna temple in the form of a self-originated lingam, shaped like a rudraksha, and considered to be the most sacred amongst the other twelve jyothirlingams.
The history of Mahabaleshwar takes us to the year 1215 when it was visited by King Singhan of Deogori. Around 1350, a Brahmin dynasty took over power and gave the area harmony and prosperity. Mahabaleshwar later on was annexed by the Maratha family of Chandarao More in the middle of the 16th century which built the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj defeated Jaoli and Mahabaleshwar and constructed the famous Pratapgad Fort in the year 1656. After the end of his rule, the Peshwas ruled this place until the 19th century. In the year 1819, Mahabaleshwar was included in the territory of the Raja of Satara and it was from 1828 what we do know is that the British developed this place as a health resort was regularly visited in succession beginning with Sir John Malcolm and then by Arthur, Carnac, Frere and many others after whom the famous points in Mahabaleshwar are named.

Mahabaleshwar is known for its many points which offer panoramic views. There are as many as 30 viewpoints, named after notable Britishers within close range. Accessibility of these points is largely by foot or vehicles.  Some of the most popular points we visit are:
Lodwick Point

Located at an altitude of 1,240 m, it is named after General Lodwick, who is said to have been the first to set foot on this point in 1824. A monument has been erected there in his memory by his son.
Elphinstone Point

Named after a Governor of Mumbai, Sir Elphinstone, it was discovered by Dr. Murray in the early 18th century. A great spot for picnicking, it bears a resemblance to an elephant's head and trunk, if seen from the Lodwick Point.
Arthur's Seat, another famous point, and considered to be one of the best, is located at an altitude of 1,348 m and captures a beautiful view of the Jor Valley.  It has been named after Arthur Malet and one can catch the two territories of Mahabaleshwar very distinctly set apart Kokan and Desh.It is fascinating to see the barren deep valley Savitri on the left & shallow green valley on the right. It is more fascinating to know that Arthur's seat is the only place showing geographical distinction of kokan & Desh (Deccan), two territories of Mahabaleshwar, so clear & so near.

Wilson's Point, is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar, thus offering you the best view, at an altitude of 1,435 m. With three observation towers erected here, it is the best place to catch the sunrise, and hence has also been called the Sunrise Point.There are other points also that you will come across such as the points of Marjorie, Savitri and the Castle Rock Point, all rising from the Valleys of Konkan, and on your way to Arthur's Seat.

A kilometer away from here is a small spring called Tiger's Spring, said to be the source of the River Savitri, which leads you, by way of steps, to a small ledge right beneath Arthur's Point, called The Window and offering an absolutely enthralling view.Another great point is Kate's Point, located at an altitude of 1,290 m and overlooking the Krishna Valley. Near this point is the Echo Point, where you can hear your voice echo
Tapola :

Tapola which is only 25 Kms for Mahabaleshwar. Tapola is popularly known as ' The Mini Kashmir ' because of the beautiful view of the dam, the rivers. Koyana and Solshi, the beauty of the hill ranges of Sahyadri and the deep forest. Tapola is to the other side of Mahabaleshwar than Pune - the Popular side. The journey of 1- 1/12 hr is pretty one as one goes between the high hill ranges and the dark woods. The view of Koyana river on one side and Solshi river on the other is beautiful. Both these rivers meet at Tapola. The dam is the biggest in Maharashtra - Known as 'Shivsagar'. It has a big lake with small islands and there tourists can take a boat and visit the various islands.

It is a great destination to beat the heat of typical Indian summer and indulge in some wonderful delicacies made out of corn, strawberries and mulberries.  Wind, water and scenic views detoxified me and offered great relaxation. We were not interested in shopping so didnt cover much. The experience was very wonderful. The atmosphere at Mahableshwar is pleasant and full of greenery; definitely it is heaven. We loved Mahabaleshwar for its wonderful scenic surroundings. Overall, it is definitely unforgettable experience to hang out with loved one in such a beautiful heaven.
To Know more about Mahabaleshwar  go through, which offers valuable travel information on Mahabaleshwar

Friday, October 16, 2009

Festival Of Lights...

It's the "Festival of Lights"
Memories of moments celebrated together...
Moments those have been attached in my heart, forever...
The ancient festival of myth and mystery;
That gorgeous festival of snacks and sweets.
A joyful day for minds and hearts and souls...
When old and young with delight meet
With love and affection all hearts beat
The gifts and sweets from dear ones,

The fragrance of flowers,
The array of Rangoli,
And the dazzling fireworks...
Effusing joys to all abound
It's the season to pay a visit,
To all our friends and relations,
This is what the occasion is all about,
This is the spirit of Diwali.
Let us thank the heavenly might,
In this festival of lights.
All darkness is far away,
As light is on its way;
It seems to be a happy day on Earth!
Wish all of u a very happy Diwali!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Eat Less Rice? Why?

Eat Less Rice!
Rice is arguably the world’s most important food. It is the second most widely cultivated cereal in the world, after wheat, and is a staple food of over half the world’s population. In much of Asia, rice is so central to the culture that the word is almost synonymous with food. In Chinese the line in the Lord’s Prayer is translated as "give us this day our daily rice," and a Japanese proverb states that "A meal without rice is no meal." Roti and Rice are staple foods of India. Staple food is defined as the main food. Other foods may accompany the staple foods. In India, the accompaniments are: dairy products, legumes, vegetables, and meats. Accompaniments revolve around the staples of cooked rice, or Roti.

Recently I read one interesting article about rice.Eat Less Rice The article is very informative. But I wondered while reading this article ;Because we indians have a steady diet of rice for thousands of years and they are about as thin as you go in most cases. I somewhat agree with this article- too much rice is not good. in my views However, there is no such study that proves rice is unhealthy. What researchers have found out long ago is that it contains lots of carbohydrate in the form of starch. The reason they are not promoting ppl to eat rice is because with current lifestyles - minimum physical activity, the excess of carbohydrate will be converted into fat by the body. This applies to all food with high carbohydrate content, for example potato. So if you are eating rice or some other carbohydrate rich food, make sure to do some physical activity.
Actually I am  a Rice addict. Going rice-less may not be easy for me . Eating less rice could be lot easier than you think. And it makes me to think about it… Please read this below subject about rice eating and inviting you all for  open comments.
Eat Less Rice? Why?
1.Eat Less Rice!
The human body was never meant to consume rice! our genes have hardly changed in more than 30,000 years. However, our food choices and lifestyle have changed dramatically. The caveman would hardly recognise our food or way of life.
Caveman food was never cooked as fire was not yet tamed. Thus, he ate only those foods that you can eat without treatment with or by fire.. He ate fruits, vegetables, fish eggs, nuts and meat. Yes, even meat! You can even eat meat raw if you were starving in the forest. You have the necessary enzymes to digest meat.
However, rice, like wheat and corn, cannot be eaten raw. It must be cooked. Even if you were starving in the desert, you cannot eat rice in the raw form. This is because we do not have the system of enzymes to break rice down. You were never meant to eat rice. To make matters worse, you not only eat rice, but also make it the bulk of your food.
In some parts of Asia , rice forms up to 85% of the plate. Even if you take rice, keep it to a minimum. Remember, it is only for your tongue - not your body. Actually, rice and other grains like wheat and corn are actually worse than sugar. There are many reasons:
2.Rice is digested to become sugar.
Rice becomes sugar - lots of it! This is a fact that no nutritionist can deny: rice is chemically no different from sugar. One bowl of cooked rice is the caloric equal of 10 teaspoons of sugar. This does not matter whether it is white, brown or herbal rice. Brown rice is richer in fibre, some B vitamins and minerals but it is still the caloric equal of 10 teaspoons of sugar. To get the same 10 teaspoons of sugar, you need to consume lots of -10 bowls of it.

Rice cannot be digested before it is thoroughly cooked. However, when thoroughly cooked, it becomes sugar and spikes circulating blood sugar within half an hour-almost as quickly as it would if you took a sugar candy. Rice is very low in the 'rainbow of anti-oxidants. '
This complete anti-oxidant rainbow is necessary for the effective and safe utilisation of sugar. Fruits come with a sugar called fructose. However, they are not empty calories as the fruit is packed with a whole host of other nutrients that help its proper assimilation and digestion.
3.Rice has no fibre.
The fills you up long before your blood sugar spikes. This is because the fibre bulks and fills up your stomach. Since white rice has no fibre, you end up eating lots of 'calorie dense' food before you get filled up. Brown rice has more fibre but still the same amount of sugar.
4.Rice is tasteless-sugar is sweet.
There is only so much that you can eat at one sitting. How many teaspoons of sugar can you eat before you feel like throwing up? Could you imagine eating 10 teaspoons of sugar in one sitting?
Rice is always the main part of the meal. While sugar may fill your dessert or sweeten your coffee, it will never be the main part of any meal. You could eat maybe two to three teaspoons of sugar at one meal. However, you could easily eat the equal value of two to three bowls (20-30 teaspoons) of sugar in one meal.
There is no real 'built in' mechanism for us to prevent overeating of rice: How much can you eat? How much fried chicken can you eat? How much steamed fish can you eat? Think about that!
In one seating, you cannot take lots of chicken, fish or cucumber, but you can take lots of rice.

 5.Eating rice causes you to eat more salt.
As rice is tasteless, you tend to consume more salt-another villain when it comes to high blood pressure. You tend to take more curry that has salt to help flavour rice. We also tend to consume more ketchup and soy sauce , which are also rich in salt.
6.Eating rice causes you to drink less water.
The more rice you eat, the less water you will drink as there is no mechanism to prevent the overeating of rice. Rice, wheat and corn come hidden in our daily food. As rice is tasteless, it tends to end up in other foods that substitute rice like rice flour, noodles and bread. We tend to eat the hidden forms, which still get digested into sugar.

Rice, even when cooked, is difficult to digest. Can't eat raw rice? Try eating rice half cooked. Contrary to popular belief, rice is very difficult to digest. It is 'heavy stuff'. If you have problems with digestion, try skipping rice for a few days. You will be amazed at how the problem will just go away.
 Rice prevents the absorption of several vitamins and minerals. Rice when taken in bulk will reduce the absorption of vital nutrients like zinc, iron and the B vitamins.
7.Are you a rice addict?
Eating carbohydrate-containing foods, whether they are high in sugar or high in starch (such as rice), temporarily raises blood sugar and insulin levels. The blood sugar-raising effect of a food, called its “glycemic index,” depends on how rapidly its carbohydrate is absorbed. Many starchy foods have a glycemic index similar to sucrose (table sugar). People eating large amounts of foods with high glycemic indices (such as white rice), have been reported to be at increased risk of type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, eating a diet high in carbohydrate-rich foods that have lower glycemic indices (such as brown rice as opposed to white rice), is less likely to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Heart attack
Eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates (e.g., white rice) appears to increase the risk of coronary heart disease, and thus of heart attacks, especially in overweight women.
Going rice-less may not be easy but you can go rice-less. Eating less rice could be lot easier than you think. Here are some strategies that you can pursue in your quest to eat less rice:
8.Eat less rice-cut your rice by half.
Dieticians advises 'eating rice like spice'. Instead, increase your fruits and vegetables. Take more lean meats and fish. You can even take more eggs or vegetables and nuts.
 9 Have 'rice less' meals.
Take no rice or wheat at say, breakfast. Go for eggs or fruits and nuts. Go on 'riceless' days. Go 'western' once a week.
Take no rice and breads for one day every week. That can't be too difficult. Appreciate the richness of your food. Go for taste, colours and smells. Make eating a culinary delight. Enjoy your food in the original flavours.Avoid the saltshaker or ketchup. You will automatically eat less rice.
Eat your fruit dessert before  your meals. The fibre rich fruits will 'bulk up' in your stomach. Thus, you will eat less rice and more fruits. Dietician Dharini Krishnan advices “Eat more of vegetables almost 200 gms per meal. Eat less rice or roti and include plenty of fresh fruits Use less oil in cooking and continue to exercise regularly in order to maintain good health".

It's our life. Decide what we want to eat to maintain good health!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aura &MIND

I and my kids have a habit of discussing different topics during dinner time. Last week while discussing my son asked me Mom you know what is Aura? I have heard the word but really I don’t know about this. I got really curious to know about Aura. After surfing through many articles I have written my understanding about it…. It’s pretty interesting!!!!

What is an aura?
Aura- A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing.
Aura is basically a circle of light around the human body. Not only human body but every substance in the Universe has an aura. The luminous colorful field of subtle energy radiating within and around the human body, extending out from three to seven feet. The auras of minerals, plants, and animals as well as our physical bodies, have unique and special characteristics. Everyone is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, and this field or radiation is called an aura. The colors of the aura change constantly according to the ebb and flow of one's state of consciousness, thoughts, moods and emotions. Higher, benevolent feelings create bright pastels; base, negative feelings are darker in color. Thus, auras can be seen and "read" by clairvoyants.
The aura consists of two aspects, the outer aura and the inner aura. The outer aura extends beyond the physical body and changes continuously, reflecting the individual's moment-to-moment panorama of thought and emotion. The inner aura is much more constant, as it reflects deep-seated subconscious patterns, desires, repressions and tendencies held in the sub-subconscious mind. Aura keeps the body alive, gives life to body with first breath and on death it leaves body. The aura being a light of human body also contains seven colours. If all these seven colours are mixed, it will be white. Those colors which are regularly and habitually reflected in the outer aura are eventually recorded more permanently in the inner aura. The colors of the inner aura permeate out through the outer aura and either shade with sadness or brighten with happiness the normal experiences of daily life.
Aura &MIND:
The inner aura hovers deep within the astral body in the chest and torso and looks much like certain "modern-art" paintings, with heavy strokes of solid colors here and there. The aura surrounds the physical body in all directions. It is three-dimensional, and in a healthy person is oval in shape. In the average individual, it will extend nine to ten feet around the body. The shape, size, colors, and the clarity of colors, all indicate specific things about ones physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.The seven innate qualities of soul are: 1) Knowledge 2) Purity 3) Peace 4) Love 5) Happiness 6) Bliss and 7) Power. These seven innate qualities flow as spiritual energy to each cell of the body and nourish them.
It is the thinking power/mental energy of the soul, (negative or positive). Mental Energy has four components: T.E.A.M. Thoughts (T), Emotions (E), Attitudes (A) and Memories (M).It is the mental energy, which makes aura (subtle body) of a person. Soul radiates its mental energy to all the brain centers e.g.:Hypothalamus (thinking centre), limbic system (Centre of emotions andattitudes), frontal cortex (memory centre), respiratory centre, speech centre, visual centre etc., in maximum concentration as these centres are located near the soul. In fact, the soul radiates the mental energy to each cell of the physical body. It is well known fact that each cell of the body has electrical energy, which can be measured by various scientific equipments e.g... Electrical energy of brain cells is measured by electroencephalography (EEG), heart by electrocardiography  (ECG), muscles by electromyography (EMG) etc. If a person most of the time thinks negative, aura around him has various shades of white light e.g.: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red or can be Black if there is no flow of mental energy. Mind acts as a sieve between spiritual energy (soul) & physical body. Negative T.E.A.M. Blocks the sieve of mind thereby blocking the flow of spiritual energy (peace, love etc.,) & this negative T.E.A.M. Attracts microbes e.g.: bacteria, viruses, etc., oxidants, toxins towards cells of the target organ in the physical body damages immune system thereby leading to dis-ease over a period of time & dis-ease consciousness. Aura keeps the body alive, gives life to body with first breath and on death it leaves body. Therefore it is essential to keep the aura in good condition
Target organ in a physical body is determined by interplay of genetic background and environment factors (Internal & External) which in turn are decided by good or bad actions in PAST LIFE. Bad actions consume the spiritual energy & good actions increase the spiritual energy. Bad action performed by a particular organ system leads to decrease in nourishing spiritual energy to that particular organ system  which in turn leads to development of dis-ease over a period of time. On the other hand, if a person thinks positive most of the time then aura around him is made up of silvery white light. Such a person is liked by all and radiates all the seven innate qualities  e.g.: Purity Peace, Love around him. The other persons coming in contact with him can feel soothing effect of these qualities. Positive T.E.A.M. opens the sieve of mind thereby of spiritual energy (peace, love etc.) and Positive T.E.A.M. Protects the cells of the target organ in the physical body from microbe’s e.g... Bacteria, viruses, etc, oxidants, toxins and attracts healing proteins molecules, anti-oxidants and boosts up the immune system thereby leading to rapid recovery from dis-ease and health-consciousness MIND (subtle body) AND PHYSICAL BODY CONNECTION: Mind-body connection is very strong. Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, memories (T.E.A.M.) are not mere vibrations in the air but they are definite electrochemical events occurring in the hypothalamus of the brain. Now with the help of  PET scanning, physiological changes occurring in the brain with change in thoughts, emotions etc., can be seen on the computer screen. After a lot of research inthought-chemistry now it has been proved these thoughts/emotions which is mental energy is converted into matter called neuropeptides in the hypothalamus. These neuropeptides have been chemically isolated and identified. They go to each cell of the body through blood and each cell of the body (body has 50 – 70 trillion cells) has receptors for these neuropeptides (wonder words from the brain). These neuropeptides act as bio-chemical messengers from the brain to each cell of the physical body and each cell has to obey these messages / orders from the brain. So this way brain talks to each cell of various organ systems of the body through neuropeptides and cells also talk to each other.
As we have earlier discussed that soul radiates mental energy to each cell of the body and each cell has its own mind, in this way the mind (subtle body) is intimately connected with each cell of the physical body.
Whatever type of T.E.A.M. We have in the mind (subtle body), the physical body (cells) cannot escape from its effects, good or bad. If we have a negative thought or emotions, these negative neuropeptides are formed in the hypothalamus and they go to each cell of the body, especially the target organ. It leads to release of various stress hormones eg. Epinephrine, nor-epinephrine, cortisol etc., and sympathetic dominance which leads to burning of energy, accumulation of catabolic products, toxins, oxidants inside the cells (especially the target organ) leading to dis-ease. On the other hand if we have a positive thought or emotion, there is a release of endorphins (morphine like substances released by various cells of the body), enchephalins, melatonin etc. and para-sympathetic  dominance which leads to pooling of energy, removal of catabolic products, toxins, production of anti-oxidants leading to feeling of well being, health and happiness.
We have 8 organ systems in our body. All the seven innate qualities of the soul flow to these organ systems and nourish them. But each organ system abounds in one special innate quality eg: Brain is the centre of Knowledge, Heart is the center of Love, etc.,
KNOWLEDGE       - Nervous System
PURITY                     - Immune system / Five senses / Face
PEACE                      - Respiratory system
LOVE                         - Circulatory system (including Heart)
HAPPINESS              - Gastro –intestinal system
BLISS                          - Hormonal system / Reproductive system a. Union  b. Creatio
POWER:      – Musculo-skeletal system Harmony in all the innate qualities – Excretory system                                                       
Therefore it is essential to keep the subtle body the inner levels the aura  the soul  in good condition to depart to higher loka  on death. The loka after death will be as per colour of the aura i.e. soul in the form of light at the time of death.
“Asato ma sad gamaya,Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya,Mirtyorma amrtam gamaya’-Brahadaranyakopanishad
 “Lead me from the unreal to the real! Lead me from darkness to light! And from death to immortality.” Now question is what this real immortal light is. The human aura is real immortal light.
In Bhagawat Gita Lord Krishna said that the soul is immortal:-
“The soul can never be cut into pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor by water, nor withered by the wind” (BG: 2:23).
It does not matter how long we have had negative patterns or an illness or a rotten relationship or self hatred, we can begin to make a change from now onwards.
For more ref-

Conscious Control of human aura
by Dr Tom J. Chalko Melbourne, Australia

Image taken from google image-Thanks google image
Articles from net and various books

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two Little Birds....

The two little birds
Beautiful birds of nature;
Touching me with wonder,
So gentle with serenity
At the window of my heart,
Blinking at me with their serious eyes
They looked like frightened
Like one in danger, Cautious,
They glanced with rapid eyes
Looking for something to eat...
I wondered what it would be like to fly? 
To be able to soar as high as the big blue sky
I wondered how they survive. 
Just what it is that keeps them alive?
Life isn't always as easy as it seems
These little birds have no care in the world
As they fly around all day and tumble and twirl
He can barely fly, chirping no more...
Looks up at the blue skies,
Or to feel any emotions inside,
As it was, the bird just needed love; 
Love, all along. 
But there was no one there,
To listen to the song he would sing. 
The people were too busy,
These little birds have no care in the world...
But there was someone, 
Up in the sky,
He watched Lovely,
His hand reached down, 
From the place in the sky...
They are very innocent creatures and do not hunt them .We must  take care and allow them to live as they are and that will make our environment beautiful.
Can we not humble ourselves as to be bothered about these lovely birds?

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Walk on the Cloud

A Walk on the Cloud

All the while I'm sitting here and watching from the ground the sky explodes with different color. I love to watch the clouds because they are always different..... I Love the whispers of the winds in my ears, Love the moon that hides behind the clouds, Love the stars shining in the sky. I love to watch the clouds, peacefully drifting by silently upon the breeze that touch me every day. They ease across the clear blue sky. I wonder how they build and roll and tumble Just like angels.. That floats on high o'er vales and hills.

When I was a child in my home, which was surrounded by rolling grassy fields& small hills, I used to love walking through the damp grass over the hills in the mist and sense rather than see the cattle grazing. And when it had rained quite hard I could hear the stream below rushing over the rocks. When the sky is gray, sober, and lonely, be the one and only to look at the clouds and wonder how to connect them over and under. Just look at how they blow across the brilliant skies.

Early in the day, the clouds are white and puffy and a sky full of cloud stretching from horizon to horizon is built up of many such clouds and all makes me feel somewhat low above our heads that makes me happy.. Each new shape is quite amusing; this amazing cloud looks like a lamb, it reminds me of a feather, sometime like a sheep, little heart, sometime such as ice cream cones and funny things.

In the beauty of the sunsets the pink paved clouds shading to light purple and finally grey .as the sun set left me full of wonder and sadness at the beauty and fragility of nature. While sun set Such clouds lead up to the purple evening with its sounds of insects and birds’ calls, dogs barking in the distance and the flickering lights of hundreds of cooking fires on the hillsides.

When watching the clouds float across the sky, where skies are bright, I feel Everything changes when the clouds float . It gives me peace, leave behind all the darkness, makes me free from heartache and pain, It gives me comfort, and dries my tears. So clouds mean many things for me, so I just to enjoy their best colours, shapes and the feeling of the cool mist on my face.

While watching the clouds I remember Rabindranath Tagore's Quote;

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”