Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Today, September 5Th is celebrated INDIA-wide as Teacher’s Day. It is the birthday of the second President of India, Dr. Radha krishnan, a literary scholar and teacher. It is in his honor that today is declared as Teachers Day.
In Sanskrit a teacher is called “guru”. Gu means darkness and ru means light. So a teacher is one who leads you to light from darkness.
India has a tradition of giving a special status to teacher. The word “guru” is itself is so exalted; the place of a teacher is sometimes even ahead of God – “Guru Brahma” and “Guru Vishnu”. The teacher is next only to mother & father mathru devo bhava”, “pithru devo bhava”, “acharya devo bhava
The “Guru-shishya” relationship is like that between the parents and their children.
Like a father who loves his sons and daughters, the teacher should love his pupils.
Accordingly a great responsibility rests on the teacher.
To a great extent the future of students depends on their teacher. Teachers traditionally have held a position of honour and respect all over India, since time immemorial.
A stone lay on the way side,
Its black lump of hardened mass
Someone kicked it,
Someone ignored it
Another one labeled it ugly.
But none turned back to glimpse of it
It was a dirty, damp & dull, shunned by
But one! Who lovingly picked it all,
Washed it clean.
Cut it smooth
Refined it, polished it,
To a glittering diamonds
Thus the transverses of stone
From black lump to a glittering Diamond
And thus started the journey of this
Jeweller called
If you ever have come across one teacher in all your student life, who has changed your life and your way of thinking for the better, you have been blessed. Thankfully ,I had several such opportunities. Right from pre-primary school right up to architecture College, and then graduate school, I have benefited from teachers who have gone beyond their call of duty . But we are REMEMBERING the persons who have helped in many ways. We are thinking story writer, for writing stories, we read, The poet who wrote verses we learnt, and the artist he saw all things and then drew pictures. We remember all we met in our life and remembering those who entertain our life like singers, actors, musicians, sports man etc.

But we forgetting the one who teach to write, read and taught the letters so that we can read and write.

Teacher taught all of us in every step to learn new things and they contributed to your progress and development in many ways About the teachers we still never think about not for a minute
.On this teachers day I wish to honour all my teacher who contributed to my progress and development.I consider education to be one of the nobler professions, akin to medicine. Teachers who spend their lives teaching kids, do more than just teach.They help mould the future of our communities, cities and countries I shall forever be thankful to all those wonderful teachers, who have enriched my life


Dare to dream said...

absolutely rite.......teacher is jeweller....today at ur age wen u think n salute a teacher....
i feel we at our age shud really think abt it...
especially last statement made u is just fanatastic.......its true...
also i wud like to add one ting here 2 the present teacher generation....they shud also knw wat is the meaning of teacher...
2 knw the emphasis n depth of tat word...
so lets take time 2 salute our teachers...atleast seeing tis blog!!!

my views said...

Teacher....very well said a jeweller...a person who is in a very responsible position than anyother MD of a company...
as he/she is responsible for a future...
a very well said quote....they r very ordinary people doing awesome work...
today it also reminds me of teachers of present generation...everybody should be reminded with poem presented by you...as they should knw the meaning of teacher n their responsibility....
today at tis age it makes u rite tis blog 2 salute teachers....makes me think 2 giv more importance 2 teachers...as they hav made us...
hats of 2 u....
provoking job!!!