Friday, September 21, 2007


Last few months I had lost my smile. I used to be always remain with a frowned face…My friends asked me… Why worries? What happened to me...? They said... Have faith in God... God watched every thing in silence. I feel we are responsible for all our good and bad deeds.
For them…Whenever failure happens whenever misunderstood by people, some disease occurs in body worries happen. .because of over burden. There will be times when I become impatient because things are taking longer than I expected. When we carry our cares all the time, soon we won’t be able to carry on…By the time I try to lay on somebody’s shoulder. Then I understand I am alone and personally responsible for managing problem. So, I didn’t expect anybody else to do for me…..
If we holding a glass of water for sometimes. It doesn’t matter about the absolute weight. It heaviness depends on how long you hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it is fine. Not very heavy. If hold it for an hour , I will have ache in arm, If I hold it for a day , I need an ambulance, I will collapse. When we carry our cares all the time , soon we won’t be able to carry on. It happens with each and every failure, burden, but how I fall how fast I get up... by the question.. SO WHAT? & WHAT'S NEXT? Remembering children running race..:
People shout at me at times and even plead me telling me to quit and that I have been defeated with respect to some project or the other. Sometimes I will have the feeling I will not succeed, and just as I am to accept defeat, the memories of a race comes to my mind and my downward fall is broken. We all the girls lined up with full of hope. Each one thought that she would win the race, or at least first or second place. The girl who thought she would win, lost her step and slipped. she fell down and lost all her hope. She tried hard to catch herself. But inside voice said “GET UP AND WIN THE RACE.” The girl, she rose quickly. She had not been injured. She was just behind that’s all.
When she was so anxious to regain the position and mind faster than her legs she slipped and fell again. By the time she thought hopeless as a runner and that shouldn’t try to race. watching crowd was laughing. Again inner voice says "GET UP AND WIN THE RACE". So again jumped up and tried again. she thought ten feet we would really have to move fast. She put all her energy into it and gained about 8 or 10 feet. But in trying hard to catch up with lead again,she slipped and fell again. At last she tasted defeat. She lay there silently. A tear dropped down from her eyes.She thought there was no sense of running anymore. she had tried many times. She was out .Why even trying? She would have to live with disgrace. But then she thought about her dad. She could hear the low echo of her dad’s voice “GET UP AND WIN THE RACE”.Get up AND TAKE YOUR PLACE”. The voice seemed to tell him that she was not meant for failure and that she should get up and win the race. So the girl rose up to run once more. She had new determination. She resolved that whether she won or lost, at least she won’t quit.
So when things seem dark and hard and difficult , the memory of my childhood race helps me in the race of my life. People laugh at me and tell me to quit and said that I am defeated, When ups and downs come in my life. I tell myself “GET UP AND WINS THE RACE”.
.I laid firm foundation with the bricks that others throw on me. Some one will love us some won’t. So what? Sometimes I will win; sometimes I will lose So What? These are tough times I am going through, but if I am going to get through it’s up to me. Ready to go? My inner voice says, "GET UP AND WIN THE RACE". THAT I always said to my self. I CAN, I WILL, I SHOULD.
Again I started my life race.....


Harshad said...

Idealistically speaking, to not give up and keep on trying is whats envisioned. However, a lot of people actually give up what they've started for various reasons - factual, psychological or just plain boredom ! To try and pick up the bits and pieces and to regain that lost faith with a view to succeed is the ideal way. This article has certainly inspired me and I guess I'll try and put it in practice.

This is Harshad, preeti's friend from abhinav :)

preeti said...

Now a days competition is so by day as a youngster facing tis type of toughness....makes half of the time very low....impatient...not able 2 accept the challenge...ppl can speak a lot...can advise a lot.. but self realisation is very neccessary....more than proving world proving ourself is neccessary.....n i hope so the three mantras presented in blog can do..tats first of all believing in ourself...tat I CAN...I WILL...tis is neccessary tonic needed for a youngester 2day...

n secondly need not i hav learnt from u only all the tings said here.....u rock!!!!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

you have given a beautiful message.
when i read about the same glass of water ....held over a longer period of did ring a bell .ye, we really need to let go!

usha said...

Aunty !!!!!!!
too good blog...i normaly dont read much.....but i read ths one of urs...its just tooo goood.....i guess u can write more on such boosting topics......very well said...lot of competition around..and v jst cant affrd to quit sayin v cant do it....thnx aunty...this realy is good...wil try n implmnt it as well......!!!!

take care

namita said...

hi aunty!!!!!11
awesome write up.....its the way m low, discouraged...and doin somethng which i m not interested......i hope the way the girl rose i ll rise...and be happy at wat m doin...thanku write and we ll read and be motivated

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Wonderful post!

We are responsible for our happiness.

Glad that you overcame that phase :)

Anonymous said...

Great read! Took me on a nostalgic ride to my childhood. Proud to have roots there in THE HEAVEN ON EARTH!