Sunday, August 26, 2007

Learning from creatures

Every creature has some special quality about it which can serve as examples or lessons for human to learn. Man is possibly the only creature capable of immense learning till the time he dies. His societal structure provides a unique platform for him to learn skills, tactics, techniques, words, languages, behavior, and attitudes. An intelligent human being is one who keeps learning.
The distinction between a human being and other living creatures is while all living creatures can aspire and achieve perfection it is only human being who can achieve excellence. Excellence is perfection imbibed with human qualities, devoid of selfishness.

Just a thought lets learn from god made living beings not human beings…..but living beings called animals…

In Arthashastra Chanakya also say in its own way.

Now let’s start with Ant if we keep sugar and sand it takes sugar only. So what people can do? Let’s take good things from people… Likewise we have to take good things from people.

The cock impacts four lessons. A cock wakes up call every morning and he is always ready to defend its territory. It generously offers feed to hens and the brood, and its peck its own food aggressively, claiming the share rightfully without letting any one steal it.

The crow teaches to make love in privacy, to collect things for later use, to be ever alert and not trust anyone fully. A very necessary aspect everybody has to discover in today’s world to be in.

When dog gets food, it over eats. If it does not get to eat any thing it is not worried. It just goes to sleep well. But very careful and wakes up at the slightest disturbance. Need not say, a very loyal animal may be it’s their friends or masters. So again this dog has something to teach us-Be loyal to your master and to your friends. Be brave and fight if needed.

The donkey teaches to work tirelessly be stoic and don’t complain. You will become favorite worker of your employer.

There may be many management theories on the line by different people but for a change lets discover some more practical and renowned aspects from our animal creature.

A clever man has to concentrate his attention on his goal just like crane. A Cranes eye is always fixed on its target. It plans, calculates each and every aspect the time, place, distance, angle, force required, speed and attacks.

Lion teaches us to begin it with full thrust of your power it stalks the prey and not to relax till the task is completed.

Eagle teaches us keen observation. From eagle we learn to achieve goals.

Don’t you feel teasing or hurting in name of animals, we as human being don’t deserve to do that? As we here to learn from them….

The clouds carry the purest water to earth. Do not be too simple and too straight, the smooth
and straight trees have been cut down and the crooked ones stand unharmed. It teaches some times we have to be crooked.

Every creature in the world is not educated… animals, birds, trees are not educated.

Learning from our environment makes us genuine in our life.


MyVision said...

Amazing observation... Yes, nature has everything for humans to learn and practice... But humans have no time to observe and learn... everyone is busy and does things in a way they feel right... and of course face consequences...

great post...

Nanditha Prabhu said...

may be we all have forgotten to just stop and stare.. and learn from nature and from creatures around us.
it was a thought provoking post!

Satish said...

thts gr8 work...

some thing to be really learnt from this Rajeev said.. people dont have time to observe n learn things from things environment.. these days people dont find option to spend time with their luved once - mom, dad, bro, sis, frnds... people r busy running arnd in this busy world... recent incidents in my life n the "Learning from creatures" urges me to take time to do this more... after all v life in this world for few days... let embrace as many gud charcters as possible n make as many people as possible "happy"..
Satish Subramanian

the wierd life of pushkaraj shirke said...

i majorly disagree with ur learnings--- i guess life gave me a different view of itself---

the way i see it--- humans will always learn what THEY want to learn from whatever they observe---

u learn NOT to trust from crows...
while i learn TO TRUST BLINDLY from puppies

while u learn to take the sugar and leave the sand from the ant..

i learn to eat the food and use the garbage to build my nest from the crow---

neways--- this can go on and on--- what the point 8is that it finally depends on your own PERCEPTION of life--- as they say--- a glass is both HALF EMPTY and HALF FULL depending on the person who is PERCEIVING IT.

--- and yes, do u know what fate chanakya met with?? how did he spend his last days??

if you consider 'chanakya' a successful man... and an apt guide for success... i guess ur definition of success is way different than mine.

Life is what you believe in it to be.