Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In silence...

Noise is so much a part of our life that we have become depended on it. we are driven to distraction by almost everything. We are constantly asked to give up silence in exchange for constant chatter- background music or talking, traffic noises, social media pinging our phones and who feel uncomfortable or scared when they have to confront real silence. To find peace, everyone says go into silence.
“Silence is a source of great strength.” ~Lao Tzu

In this communicative silence, Someone Says; Speech is silver, Silence is gold... Silence is ever speaking; It is the perennial flow of "language." It is interrupted by speaking; for words obstruct this mute language. Silence is permanent and benefits the whole of humanity. . By silence, eloquence is meant. It is the best language. There is a state when words cease and silence prevails."
A gentle, loving, inner peace and silence is here and now in this moment. It has always been this way. It is always here. It is right here within you and all around you. You know this. You have felt this. There is nothing more than this. You are this. This silence is right here in you, every single moment of your life.
Sometimes silence conveys emotions that word fails to…Emotional silence, that's kill with bare hands. Attentive silence, absorbed in the environment, Thoughtful silence, wallowing and preparing, Quiet silence- uncomfortable and unwanted, Meditative silence, which can move heaven and earth, Comforting silence, no words could describe it…
In this communicative silence, Sometimes Someone, Says that Silence can be a sign of consent, Silence conveys anger, Silence demonstrate strength, Silence demonstrate patience, Silence conveys determination, Silence can mean respect, Silence doesn’t mean respect, Silence does not mean in action. Silence may indicate forgiveness, Silence represents tolerance. Silence means confidence, silence brings. Silence is not necessarily a sign of guilt or weakness it is many case more thoughts provoking and convincing than words. In silent meditation one gets in touch with ones inner self, I. In silence, when minds are read without saying anything..
I observe myself in silence
I absorb the universe in silence
I am immersed in silence
I listened the Music of Silence!
Silence taught me the importance of shaping my thinking. Silence taught me to notice nature the wisdom and peace that nature offered. Silence taught me to calm my troubled mind. Silence taught me the importance of reducing the stimulation. Silence taught me to have faith in myself. Once inner silence is attained, everything is possible.
In silence, Silently I gaze at the future with a twinkle in my eye, Silently I look at the pain and joy ahead of me which lie.. … In our noise polluted world, silence  in peace is Difficult to find... I cannot stand this silence; first, there was absolute silence. And at least, there was absolute silence .It’s so unbearable at times. You know this. You have tofelt this.
There is nothing more than this. But it’s the language of the world, the divine beauty one must feel….. In Silence.
Enjoy some quiet time everyday In Silence!
"Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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