Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bharani Jar Painting

For storing different stuff like pickle, tamrind, kallu uppu (rock salt) my mother used Bharani jar.My mother had a collection of big and small type of Bharani jars. When my last visit to my mom's place; I brought few jars from my Mothers home.
 I wish to beautify one old jar with some sketches on my own and one from already available on the net and added my own choice of colors to the sketches and showcase it near my open kitchen .

Wash the pot thoroughly. Allow the pot to dry completely before painting.
Next, apply the base coat. I applied acrylic white as base colour. Thin the paint with a small amount of water to make it easier to coat the pot evenly.
Apply the paint with a foam brush, working around the pot in broad sweeps. Extend the paint an inch or so down into the top of the pot, but do not cover the bottom
 Apply additional coats if you’d like, allowing the pot to dry between coats, until the desired color depth is achieved..
Draw l patterns and designs on the pot using a pencil or a marker pen. I didn't use trace paper . I use pencil to draw then painted.
Paint the chosen designs using the acrylic colors.
Once the first coat is painted and dry, you can paint one more coat. Since we are painting on a pot, two coats are desirable to ensure the design is neat and even.

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