Friday, September 26, 2008

There Is A Reason...

There is a Reason

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Of course, sometimes it's easy for us to believe that everything happens for a reason. Every day, hour, week, and season… Things happen for a reason,That is the lesson that life teaches us. Everything happens for a reason when something in our lives changes and we walk a different road. We don’t question why we took a different route we just do it. . Nor did I realise it would take me in a new direction and help me fulfil a lifelong dream or making me look to the future out the depth of despair. Therefore in every life there are turning points, a new road we must travel. The reason for it will remain a mystery until we reach the answer, as everything happens for a reason.

What is next? I don’t really know, only whatever happens it will happen for a reason and I won’t know the reason just yet.Therefore in every life there are turning points, a new road we must travel. The reason for it will remain a mystery until we reach the answer, as everything happens for a reason. Learn, the first time, what they've come to teach you, all those lessons, great and small. It's true when people sayThings happen for a reason,That from every closed doorA new window opens That from something bad a good thing turns out,that from a down an up comes,that from a tear a smile comes upon…

There must be a reason for everythinga reason for sadness and joy ,a reason for depression , a reason for laughter and tears,a reason for leaving and meeting,a reason for grieving and celebrating,IN EVERY SORROW, EVERY PAIN, IN EVERY SADNESS AND HAPPINESS,EVERY TEAR IN OUR EYES,EVERY SMILE IN OUR LIPS,IN EVERYTHING WE FEEL EVERY PATH WE TAKE…IN EVERY JOURNEY WE GO, EVERY PERSON WE MET.IN LIFE’S DESTINY…OF FAILURE AND SUCCESS OF LIFE AND DEATH…

For every trust, for every care, For every hatres, for every love.

For every cry, for every joy,There is a reason for every emotion,

For every frown,for every smile,For every speech, for every silence,

For every glance, every stare,There is reason, for every expression

For everyacceptence, for every rejection,For every kick, for every hug,

For every slap, for everyclap,There is a reason for every action. there must be a reason for all these… Because it is true when people say Everything Happens for a Reason …There is a reason, behind every thing is a hidden reason that GOD only KNOWS THE REASON.Try to discover it we have to improve our vision…because, there is a reason……


A special kindness , a smile, a laugh, an unexpected compliment, a hug…all these makes one happy. Do we tell those who add an extra lightness the joy it brought. I consider myself lucky that I got two lovely sisters through blogsphere.They consider me me and my work worthy for these awards. I have been showered with blog award from Lena & sameera.

Lots and lots of thanks to my dear blog friends/sisters.Lena passed me Brilliant Weblog award.Brilliant Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere.All the bloggers have wonderful work and content in their blog and all deserve to get this.

As per the rules I would like to pass this award to all my fellow bloggers who consistently visited my blog and left warm words. My sincere thanks to all of them.

Sameera passed me I Love your Blog Award.This a very appealing one and Honour to receive this award from u.Thanks a lot Dear..Lot Lot thanls to my dear sisters/ friends.


Dare to dream said...

fantastic post amma...i kno how much u hav struggled in ur life...this post is very apt to ur pains in life..
and it is correct dat thers a reason behind everything..!
lots of love..
aditya :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Lovely post dear!Indeed,everything happens for a reason.Even though it may not seem the best thing right then,later we realize it is,and maybe that is God's will.

Congrats on the awards dear,you so deserve them :)

venus66 said...

Very true. Everything happens for a reason and nothing is coincidence. I am glad I found you.

Jaishree said...

Thank you aditya:)
Thank you sameera Dear:)
Welcomehere venus 66 & thankyou for lovely comment:)