Saturday, June 14, 2008

Monsoon Rain...

Every day of hectic work, artificial beauties, I wait hoping for the sky to turn black. For all the weather enthusiasts...who love tracking the Indian monsoons.Calling all the meterologists to discuss this mother nature's phenomenon. MONSOONS. Monsoon has struck Mumbai early as well this time..... Normally it arrives around June 10th or later. But this time, Mumbaikars have been blessed to welcome the monsoon by June 3rd itself.... awesome respite from the hot summer!!! I love Indian monsoon !! Its quite interesting 2 observe this !! I am quite interested. I love nature... I like rainy season more….

The charming weather, the chilling atmosphere, and the lurking rain, all underlined the poetic dreaminess of that enchanting afternoon. Then came the long anticipated drops of rain, that further enhanced the magic of that afternoon.
In my childhood I used to stay near coutrallam. In the far south, in Tirunelveli district, a deep recess of the Western Ghats lays Courtallam (also spelt Kutralam, Kurtalam), The Spa in the South. Courtallam is famous for its season, which lasts from June to September. Thick clouds gather and streaks of lighting flash across the sky. It is a rare and pleasant experience to stroll in the 'Charal' (meaning drizzle, also spelt as Saral) becoming neither wet nor dry. Thousands for the several falls, which clot the town. a small place full of waterfalls during rains. The place is famous for variety of trees planted, trekking, waterfalls and all-season . This is the place for those wanting to be in midst of nature with a lot of peace and tranquility.

When it is about to rain, I undergo a strange kind of happiness, I start thinking about the days, While going to school I enjoy drizzle feel in my face is a pleasant experience. The sky was filled with moderately black clouds. Suddenly, it started to drizzle. Soon, it turned into a heavy downpour. I was thrilled, To stepped out to the house. The cool raindrops caressed my face. The tree branches swayed, the leaves dancing to the tune of the falling rain. Clouds were busy moving and some of them deposited themselves at the horizon. The sun hid behind the clouds feeling happy for an unexpected holiday the clouds brought along. The melody of the rain, mixed with the noises of the surroundings, infused a new vigor in me. I looked at the moving clouds. While moving, the clouds drew some figures on the white canvas of the sky. I still tried to put the artistic scene and my racing thoughts into words.(When the sky and the clouds are fighting the cloud is shedding tears that is rain)

In Mumbai Rains were so common sometimes we got fed up with it. Not only the smart electricity board found it as a wonderful reason to save electricity the moment the first drop touched the ground, they were careful enough to keep the receiver of their phone away from cradle to avoid enquiry calls. Rains bring havoc especially around roads. Roads seem to brutally dissect the once pristine, tree-clad slopes. Then there is the ever-present threat of sprays from other vehicles The moment it rains, there are traffic jams, power cuts, water logging and what not...these things make us wary of rain. I love the way the rains wash away so many things. Worries about the water supply, the dust and grime from the cityscape, all of them get washed away in the downpour

Otherwise, rain is welcome and I always welcome it with open hands :) I just love the rains.... Then again their remain other pleasures: cozying up in bed with a good book, steaming coffee and hot delicious pakodas. like getting drenched ,watching the raindrops fall,eating icecream cone when its raining .hehe, splashing water when roads get slushy,..(though my age &profession doesn't allow me to do it now-a-days) making’s so much fun. here even the rains can hold a memorable time to me…

Rain kissed roads, rainbows in raindrops and puddles, mist that leads you to a walk in the clouds and a beckoning green that comforts in its lushness and purity. I love the rain. Rain falls on my window.Rain on the ground.Rain in the sky.Rain all around. Rain up my nose. Rain frizzing up my hair. The sound of rain always chasing me smiling my smile. While most people find rainy days gloomy, I just love the monsoon rains! and again I became a child! The rain I love the rain.


SweetJuliet said...

Hi Jaisree,
When I searched sundarakandam in google ..ended up in ur post
Read some of posts..
Cool way writing..

Myviews said...

Thank you sweetjuliet for visiting my blog and for wonderful comments.

Malathy said...

Stunning views lady. I too share your life slogan. Mine is "Pass it on; Share".

Lena said...

so so soooooo much beautiful... i guess i would love it too :)