Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My kula devatha Anjaneyar...

Sri Aanjaneya Murthi-ke Jey...

Today is Anuman Jayanthi.On this special occasion I wish to write about my kula devatha. In Special occasions and celebrations with spiritual and religious significance in ones' family. We make yatra to Kuladevatha temples and seek blessings (prasannatha) of family-deities i.e. Kuladevatha .This is the reason why it is customary to write at the top of the invitation cards "Om Shri Kuladevatha Prasanna ".MyParents side Kula devada is Kadayanallur Krishnapuram Anjaneyar. It is in tirunelveli dist.

Devotees of Lord Anjaneya, the temple dedicated to the `Son of Vaayu Bhagawan' at Krishnapuram, near Kadayanallur, in Tirunelveli district comes first, The sthalapuranam of the temple is interesting as SriAnjaneya himself is said to have visited the place during the time of the Ramayana. The six feet high, south-facing Anjaneya at this temple attracts devotees from all parts of Tamil Nadu, who believe that miracles happen in their life within a short period of their visit. The temple situated in the middle of paddy field.

After Ravana abducted Sita, Sri Rama sought the help of Sugriva, the king of Kishkinta, to locate the whereabouts of his beloved wife. And Sugriva, who had returned to power with the help of Sri Rama, sent his forces in all directions. Sri Anjaneya, led a mighty team to the South, with a ring given by Rama. Before the large contingent left Kishkinta in search of Sita, Sugriva asked his friends to return home after a month without fail, so that the next course of action can be designed according to the information gathered during the first phase of the mission.

Except the contingent that left under the leadership of Anjaneya, all the other groups returned to Kishkinta after a month-long search operation that was in vain.Though Anjaneya was not able to collect any vital clues that would lead them to Sita, he moved ahead with the hope of getting useful information about her. They reached a desert-like area after they crossed Vindhya Hills and being famished and thirsty, they began to frantically look for food and water. Then Anjaneya found some birds coming out of a cave looking wet and led his forces to the cave. Inside the cave, they saw a beautiful city, and a meditating tapasvini — Swayamprabha — sitting at the centre.

Sri Anjaneya told her about the purpose of his mission and Swayamprabha offered them fruit and water and told Him the story of the city, which was built by Mayan. Mayan was later killed by Lord Indra, as the architect had committed a sin. Indra, who had to take a holy dip after killing Mayan, prayed to Lord Siva who, in turn, sent a branch of the Ganges to the place. "I was asked to stay here till your visit here. Now it's time for me to leave this place," she said. But Sri Anjaneya asked her to remain there since he had to find Sita.

After Sita was found and rescued by Sri Rama, He, along with Sri Anjaneya came to the place again and Swayamprabha handed over the regime to Sri Anjaneya and left the place. The place, which was then ruled over by Sri Anjaneya, is now called Krishnapuram. The beautiful temple, sitting pretty amidst a paddy field, attracts every passer-by. The actual date of construction of the temple is not known as it dates back to the period of Sri Rama and is now known as Sri Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneya temple.

In sudarakandam Hanuman is described as one for whom nothing is impossible and who is the embodiment of faith, devotion, loyalty to the master, fearlessness and self confidence. Success is the outcome of an attitude like this. If we want to be successful in life we have to combine the above qualities.

This particular Kandam is very important for each one of us because it really enlightens us in our spiritual quest. Hanuman is the awakened soul, Jambavan is the enlightened teacher, the vast ocean is the samasara which each one of us wishes to cross. We have to struggle to overcome the worldly sorrows which form the obstacles.

We may not be always successful in this effort; but if we are undaunted and we have. faith in GOD then we will at the end discover divinity which is manifested in Sita Devi.

I am Reading sundara kandam. from my teenage.It is almost no rules, no bars parayanam.Sundara Kanda parayanam bestows peace and prosperity in household and minds.

"Sri Rama Rama Ramethi, Rame Rame Manorame Sahasara Nama Thuthilyam Rama Nama Varanane."


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