Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My life is filled with pain.
Pain is all there is left.
Pain stuffed inside of me
The pain I have is deep,

Pain that people don't know
Pain that it took to just be me
Pain I go through. but people can't see.
Lost in numbness for years running from pain.

The only thing I can count on

The one thing I understand it is all
I have all I feel for
My life is filled with pain
All this pain that's held in me

Can't let anyone near me,
Can't let anyone see the real me,
Can't let anyone even hug me,

All this pain that's eating me,
Can't let go of the pain in me,
Can't get this pain from me,
Can't get this pain out of me.
More Pain Each day is what I gain…

No happiness, no joy,
The more pain I gain,
Its horrible and discussing…

I wish the pain wasn't in my life;
But it is and it’s killing me,
When will the pain stop hurting me?

Why can't I just feel me?
Why can't I just be me?
Why can't someone take this pain from me?
One can say that pain never leave,

One can say that pain is curable,
But one thing surely happens is pain leaves its mark.


preeti said...

Pain...no doubt leaves a mark...but as it is said...morning sunrise has to happen watever it may...like that happiness or a satisfaction or a relief would be there watever it may.....

nice one!!!

Xorkes said...

Thats a nice post.. But painful!