Friday, September 21, 2018

Bird House Hand Painted-DIY

Birds House!DIY
If you open the window to get in some fresh air and then you hear the chirping of little birds. How melodious it is to hear! I generally enjoy observing these birds. I just love that; listening birds-make different sounds and colourful flowers. Thought of making bird house. Bird houses add not only visual interest to our plantings but provides shelter through all season well.

Bird house gives new life into your garden and keep it alive by offering different opportunities to connect with nature. It is a wonderful way to help birds and you can find new flying feathered friends who will entertain you. It is a new to decorate your balcony and garden and make it attractive as well as beautiful!.
Birdhouses are very easy to make at home and a great DIY activity for you  Wood and MDF boards work best, but you could also use cardboard if it does not rain very much in your area. I Used MDF plywood to make Bird House.
The first step is to find the right template. The internet provides with a host of very complex and beautiful designs. But I decided to make basic bird house pattern..

Once all the pieces are cut, get gluing! Gluing is the easiest way to get all pieces together. You can then later make the structure more stable by nailing or drilling the pieces together.
 The images are pretty self-explanatory.
Make sure you make some arrangements by means of which you can hang the birdhouse. Choose your paint colors and begin painting the front face of the house . Next paint the outside edge of the roof.
Painting the outer surface with some vibrant colours and patterns. They will add a bright pop of colour to your balcony  garden. 
The final step is to paint your design. I used a acrylic paint to paint my simple modern designs
Let dry and you are done! I love two birdhouses look together.
You can build your own birdhouse and decorate it to suit your desires. The birds don’t necessarily care that their home is bright or colorful, but you will be proud to display these lovelies.

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