Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Kerala Mural Painting!

 Last few years I started painting as my hobby. I used to concentrate more on Indian folk arts. especially I used to focus on  Madhubhani, Warli and  pattachitra paintings.. Recently I visited Guruvayoor I was amazed to see Mural paintings in temple walls. It is rich, vibrant bold yet delicate style of painting. Paintings show artistic brilliance as there is acute clarity in form, costumes and expressions. I visited Mural institute nearby  the temple and very much Inspired by the art. I bought two outline sketch canvas to paint.

 Once returned from the trip I go through net and youtube about Kerala mural. What I observed is that, this one is not a mural painting in the strictest sense of the word; its painted on canvas. However, the style, theme and the colours used are very typical of a Kerala mural. When it comes to colours, the mural artists of Kerala traditionally follow the ‘Panchavarna’ principle. Only five colors are used to produce a complete mural and the colors are red, white, yellow, green and black. The paintings are characterized by highly stylized human figures and heavy ornaments. Also, the themes are generally based on Hindu Mythology, though a few based on Buddhist and Christian Mythology can also be found.

After reading blogs and  watching youtube  about Kerala mural I bit confused about colour shading/ mixing colours.The mural is created in a systematic manner.The six stages are Lekhya Karma, Rekha Karma, Varna Karma, Vartana Karma, Lekha Karma and Dvika Karma.An interesting fact about Kerala murals is that the characters portrayed are given colors based on their virtues, like red is for power and wealth, white for mean creatures, green for divinity and black for demons.
  I   tried small pic of Kerala Mural  in canvas but  iam not happy with my work.

For my luck one art student open art studio (Kalakaar art Studio )near to my home. Actually she is a art student and talented in modern arts and she had no idea about Kerala Mural. But she is confident about colour shading. So under her guidance I started My first Kerala Mural. (Her teachings makes me good knowledge about colouring, shading and finishing work. Thank to her Guidance!)It takes minimum 25 days to complete. Per day I used to sit 4 to 5 hrs for painting in class.. It is a time-consuming, extremely satisfying almost meditative process.When I before started  this painting I started chanting Narayaneeyam in home Per day 4 dasakam for 25 days. Iam happy  that I am blessed to paint God's figure.

The sketch for the whole painting is made in the first stage and the second stage is for enhancing these outlines. It is in the third stage of the painting where all the colors are filled, making it look alive. The fourth stage deals with shading and the fifth one deals with final outlines. The last stage is exclusively for giving the painting some finishing touches.
The figures in Kerala murals are highly stylized and rendered with elongated eyes, painted lips, exaggerated eye brows; and, explicit body and hand gestures (mudras). 
 Final outcome of Radha krishna Mural

In this Painting the figures are decorated with elaborate head dresses, exuberant and overflowing ornaments. The expression of the emotions too comes out rather strongly. As compared to these figures, the animals, the birds and the plants drawn in the pictures appear closer to life
The Detailing of the mural painting makes all the difference, for every square inch of the painting, the painstaking work of the artist can seen, the blending of colors, the transition of shades, the play of light and dark and the intricate lines and curves are distinctive to this style. The shading itself is the hallmark of Kerala Mural Painting and even for the novice; it is easy to identify a genuine Kerala Mural Painting by a casual inspection of the shading and detailing.I am very happy that I learnt blending colours, shading and detailing.beacuse second radha krishana pic I Painted alone.This type of paintings are very time consuming but you will cherish the output.I was really excited after completing this work. Got so many good comments
it has made me thrilled because I have found myself most peaceful when I have been closest to creating.  This painting is probably the onset of my creative journey in life and decided to continue this art.Now I Traced krishana, And Saraswathi .Once finished I upload it!
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