Saturday, July 29, 2017

Kettle Painting !

I’m not one of those ‘expressive’ artist. I am not an art student nor gone to art classes. I think my creativity levels heighten when I'm stressed or depressed. ... Instead I try to do other things besides paint/draw that can still be I always have such pretty images in my head that I would love to put down on paper. A self taught artist, who doesn't restrict herself to one single medium and paints on just about anything .She has transformed mundane things like tea kettles, buckets, plates and even a e chair into pieces of art.

Colourful and Quirky Kettles look very stunning and catch ones attention almost immediately . This is my first attempt in Kettle Painting. I love Music. so this what draws me into describing my love towards Music. Through painting musical instruments I wanted to communicate a thought, a feeling, a metaphor — without worrying about the rules of painting in a manner of speaking. I hope that like good music  you like My painting. I used Acrylic colours and brush pens for painting.

 How to paint?

You will need:
Steel/tin/ceramic kettles
Acrylic paint
Waste cloth
Stencils (optional)
1. Wash kettles with soap and water and leave them out to dry in the sun. Start your project only when they are completely dry.
2. If you want a base colour for your kettles, take a fat brush and paint a base coat in the colour of your choice. Once dry, paint another coat with the same colour. Dry thoroughly.
3. You could use a contrasting colour for the handles or paint it in the same colour.
4. Choose a design of your choice and draw the designs on the kettle with a pencil and then paint on it.


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