Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Glimpse Of My Greens in My Suuny Balcony!

Just imagine yourself relaxing on a couch, watching a beautiful  clear skies and a lot of greenery around ;A place to relax, anytime of the day with a cup of hot coffee is my balcony. I didn't have a very big balcony. Hence I had only the side spaces of the balcony left for nurturing the plants. I tried to utilize this space to the maximum. Gardening is my hobby. 

 I derive great pleasure from this hobby... One of my favourite pastimes is sitting on my balcony and observing the flowers is to appreciate the colour and the varieties of flowers in nature. 

 I have a number of flowers-pots in which I have grown some very-green plants and some flowering plants.. I absolutely love surrounding myself with flowers of different shapes, colours and fragrances.
 I feel uplifted by sensing each flower's beauty, vibration and presence, These flowers connect us with Divine joy!  They are such a wonderful source of inspiration. The elegant, graceful jasmine makes the air cool and aromatic. 
a rose that speaks silently in the language of fragrance. ..  
Apart from the flowering beauties, I have Brinjals , Beans,lemon grass, Basil, Fenugreek (methi), Mint, ginger, green chilies and coriander as well.

Having fresh herbs, vegetables on hand for cooking is such a treat. The smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen is heaven for me. I have enjoyed taking the time to watch the life in the various plants. the joy of watching a seed sprout, slowly grow, then blossom into a plant that starts giving fruits! It is unmatched! 
When the plant bears fruits and flowers, you feel like a proud parent; No amount of money can give you that satisfaction of having something that you have grown yourself. And trust me, once you get the first crop, you will be passionate and addictive, For people who love nature and want to keep a part of it close to them, house plants are a simple option. 
You do not require much space and it is not very hard to take care of the plants. Without much hassle, they provide great beauty to the house and give you a new hobby and invite birds also.
Surrounding yourself with green trees and beautiful garden not only makes you cheerful but improves your health too .But plants are living and thus they need tender care and attention.
Now I seeded Tomato, snakeguard & Ladies finger with help of gardening blogs. There are a lot of good blogging sites that explains simple gardening methods which will be useful for the beginners like me .Every day, I spend a few minutes in my spare time to engage with the plant kingdom which gives a rejuvenating feeling.
My sanctuary is my balcony garden!

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