Friday, April 26, 2013

Impact of Sundarakanda on my Life -Part 2

Acting with determination 

yasya tvetaani chatvaari vaanarendra yathaa tava || 5-1-198
dhR^itirdR^ishhTirmatirdaakshyaM sa karmasu na siidati |

Meaning: O best among Vanaras! Whoever has the four qualities of courage, vision, intellect and skill, all these four virtues like you, such a person will not fail in any task."

Sundarakandam deals exclusively with the achievements of Hanuman in one night in his search for the discovery of Sita. During the night, he goes through every nook and corner of Lanka. The description of the search is spread with vivid pictures of the night-life of the Rakshasas of Lanka. He overcomes obstructions without any difficulty.

Acting with determination the entire episode of Sundara Kanda takes place over a period of just 24 hours. Just imagine, in this short period Jambavan reminding Hanuman, of his boundless power, and he sets off on his mission .He stood on the Trikuta Mountain. From there he saw Ravana’s city of Lanka and  crosses the ocean, While crossing the sea ,  Hanuman is stopped by  Surasa to test his prowess , later  the sea God sends the mountain  Mainaka to provide  him rest , which he refuses and later his  shadow is caught  by  a Rakshasi  called Simhika , whom he kills and reaches Lanka.  There he meets Lanka Lakshmi who is the guardian of the city, defeats  her , enters the city  Searches and finds out Sita, reassures her, tests the power of Ravana’s army, strikes fear by burning Lanka, returns back to his comrades and delivers Sita’s message to Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva! Not just that, he finds time to celebrate his success by drinking honey with his comrades in the delightful episode of Madhuvana!He Never give up till the end. . He overcomes obstructions without any difficulty.Hanuman in this section has been described as one for whom nothing is impossible and who is the embodiment of  faith, devotion, and loyalty to the master, fearlessness and self-confidence.

When a person have the four attributes of determination (dhruthti), farsight (dheerga dhrushti), intellect and analyticalskills (Buddi) and dexterity in execution (DhAkshyam) are present together in one , then he will never fail in his endeavours .The story points out that, success is the outcome of such an attitude.

He  ignores all the distractions -When Mount Mainaka offers him a resting place with all good intentions, Hanuman politely declines the offer and continues on his journey. However he gently explains the reasons to the mountain and retains its goodwill. Lesson for all is here indeed! Similarly when he is searching for Sitadevi in Lanka, he takes in all the sights, like the grandeur of Pushpaka Vimana, Ravana’s palace, the beauty of the women, Hanuman, the Brahmachari , was happy that the sight of all these women of inner chambers of Ravana did not affect the tranquility of His mind. He reasoned out

mano hi hetuH sarveSaam indriyaaNaam pravartate || 5-11-41
shubha ashubhaasv avasthaasu tac ca me suvyavasthitam |

Hanuman says to himself  -One's mind (Manas) is the reason behind engagement in Punya and Paapa  Karyams.“Among auspicious or inauspicious states in the behavior of all senses mind is the reason. My  that mind is very steady”  and None of these wonderful things is not affected one way or the other by these sights.

It teaches me ignore all distractions and learn to say ‘no’.
(to be cont...)

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