Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Water lily

I like water lilies whenever I see water lilies I thought of how lilies and lotuses grow out of the mud, transforming mud into beauty. I remembered the story what I read about water lilies .It is about the power of exponential growth is a story about the pond and the water lily, and it can help anyone that needs to be jolted out of their current or their linear mode of thinking.

We’re a lot like those flowers, aren’t we? Every day, several times a day, we have the opportunity to remain stuck in the mud – to hold onto grudges, retaliate, grump around, mope, wallow in self pity, succumb to hurtful habits—or to grow out of the mud and bloom into our true, beautiful nature. We can choose to remain tightly curled into ourselves or we can open our hearts as a generous gift to those around us.

Staying in the mud is safe. It’s comfortable. It’s what we know, and it allows us to latch onto excuses, “This is who I am. This is all I know. I was born this way. I can’t. I’m too scared. It shouldn’t be so hard. I deserve better.”

When we stay in the mud, we waste precious minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years waiting for someone or something to rescue us—to pull us out of our own muck.Rising out of the mud takes courage. It allows us to hurt, but it also allows us to love.
Think about that whenever you are tempted to curl in tight to protect yourself from what makes you uncomfortable. Ask yourself, “Do I want to stay in the muck? Or do I want to rise above?”
No matter what you tell yourself, you do not deserve the muck. There is beauty inside, and people around you are just waiting for you to open those petals and share it.

 "A pristine waterlily discouraged by its surroundings, rises from the depths of a murky pond. It's lotus petals perfume the air, as it flowers and blooms brilliantly, purely, divinely, despite and probably because of its origins. Becoming a spiritual person does not mean you to leave your prior life behind, but instead you integrate, learn, remember, and respect what brought you to this point  in the first place." Jacquelene Close Moore

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Lorenzo said...

The water lily appears to be viviparous (new water lilies grow from water lily pads). It reminds me of Nymphaea 'Panama Pacific'