Friday, February 12, 2010

Close To Nature...

In an increasingly urban landscape, we are guilty of destroying the natural habitat, polluting the atmosphere and poisoning water resources. We increasingly find ourselves surrounded by unhealthy living conditions, which lead to chronic maladies, lifestyle ailments. Living in the clutter of concrete jungles, pollution, stress, traffic jams, noise, we are in search of silence. We got an apartment one hour drive from Mumbai, 

As you step in, a wave of calmness engulfs you surrounded by lush green trees, beautifully landscaped gardens, manicured lawns and pathways. It's a splendor of greenery and serenity. Surrounded in pristine green environment, Riverside overlooks the picturesque River providing spectacular views and a lifestyle that is close to nature. It's a splendor of greenery and serenity.
 A morning fog surrounded my building.It looks amazing!
A green fields, along with trees  beautiful view from my place
Nestled amidst a rustic ambience away from the noise and pollution of the city, the home makes a favorite stay for a person like me who respect nature and knows to appreciate its beauty. I still am blessed to be closer to nature. A Rising Sun, Full Moon, Galaxy of Stars, a group of Parrots flying, Colorful  Kites Everything nature has for display. 
A Colourful sunset from my Home!

Even simple clouds colored in the morning or evening skies are a joy to watch.

During the early mornings The air is also filled with the 'kooooh' of the koel and the screech of the birds Saw sparrows ,parrots, pigeons playing  in my balcony early  morning….a rare sight for me . The beauty of their forms, the immaculate color of their feathers, the buoyancy of their flight and the sweetness of their song are all a treat.. Taking a moment to watch their antics or admire their beauty; its fun!  i have started to keep food for the birds in my balcony. A wonderful variety of birds come to eat. Although, it’s mostly pigeons, I’m also getting sparrows, doves, mynas, a crow ,bulbul…

In Night what could be more magnificent than gazing at the night sky? With an unobstructed view of the Milky Way, find your spot in the open air to lie under a blanket of stars watching the constellations beam their lights through the beautiful night sky they beam like jewels to the naked eye. We can see a sky full of stars! But stars aren't the only things up there. The night sky is full of strange and wonderful things. Sometimes, we can see something that looks like a star moving slowly and steadily across the sky.
Still I consider myself lucky that though living in a crowded city, I still am blessed to be closer to nature.. I find myself in nature, I am a complete nature lover. Nature is a beautiful gift by the almighty. 

I LOVE NATURE day to night by watching the clouds move across the sky, sweet smell of the soil, i love being in the moonlight at late night where i am alone listening to slow songs and just gazing at the moon....i just love that; listening birds-make different sounds,colourful flowers,. Everything has its beauty:-Thanks to these birds, stars surrounded by nature for making me living on the seventh floor more meaningful. I feel A gentle, loving, inner peace and silence is here and now in this moment.  


Anonymous said...

oh WoW...can really feel the smell of Spring in the have brought us closer to the pure and tranquil beauty of nature...there is some kind of music in the words...lovely!

真;ˋ said...

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................