Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Thank You Lord!

I Thank You Lord
For All  the Blessings
You Gave me This Year..
For the Sunny days and
for the sad, cloudy days..
For the peaceful afternoon
and for the Long dark nights...

Thank you for the health and sickness
for the sorrows and Joys I had this year.
Thank you for all things you lent me and
then took back again..

Thank you lord for the friendly smiles and
for the helping hands I received ..

Thank You Lord for the loneliness, for difficulties,
for uncertainties and tears and for a struggle along;
because all these brought me close to you.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings
That You stowed upon me...

Thank You Lord for all the times
 I almost went astray..You guided me back
On the narrow path and led me on the way.

I thank You for all Your timely help
In all those days of strife
I thank You Lord
For Your gift of eternal life

I don't know what awaits me this year?
Whatever you wish .. My Lord,
I ask me to grant me faith to see you
in everything that comes my way,
Hope & courage to not to give up,
And Love..Love for you  each day
and for those around me..

Giving me patience, humility, yielders
and a giving heart, Give me..
Lord ! you know what is good for me
that which I know not how to ask;

Grant me an obedient heart and listening ears
An alert mind and active hands. So that
I may submit to your perfect will of my life.
Oh Lord! Walk with me, please, in every day and every hour..
Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings on me.

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