Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two Little Birds....

The two little birds
Beautiful birds of nature;
Touching me with wonder,
So gentle with serenity
At the window of my heart,
Blinking at me with their serious eyes
They looked like frightened
Like one in danger, Cautious,
They glanced with rapid eyes
Looking for something to eat...
I wondered what it would be like to fly? 
To be able to soar as high as the big blue sky
I wondered how they survive. 
Just what it is that keeps them alive?
Life isn't always as easy as it seems
These little birds have no care in the world
As they fly around all day and tumble and twirl
He can barely fly, chirping no more...
Looks up at the blue skies,
Or to feel any emotions inside,
As it was, the bird just needed love; 
Love, all along. 
But there was no one there,
To listen to the song he would sing. 
The people were too busy,
These little birds have no care in the world...
But there was someone, 
Up in the sky,
He watched Lovely,
His hand reached down, 
From the place in the sky...
They are very innocent creatures and do not hunt them .We must  take care and allow them to live as they are and that will make our environment beautiful.
Can we not humble ourselves as to be bothered about these lovely birds?


Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted it so beautifully...indeed we should all strive to protect these innocent species who bring so much colour and diversity around us!

Nanditha Prabhu said...


Jaishree said...

Thank u kalyan for your lovely comments:)

Thank u Nanditha for stop over here.. Do visit Often:)

lena said...

So beautifully crafted... so innocent, so touching, i simply loved it :)

Sharodindu said...

beautiful lines along with sooo cute pic...
Nice post!

Jaishree said...

Thank u Lena .I am glad to know you loved it:)

Hi Sharoindu welcome to my space.
Thank u for your lovely compliments:)