Friday, May 8, 2009

Go with the Flow…

On someday, a lot happens...on others, nothing does. But regardless of whether something is happening or not, there is one thing that never stops- MY MIND. It keeps going on, and on, and is what we take it to be......sometimes good n sometimes bad...hoping something good will happen ..someday,,, Silent suffering is what I'm going through...Harder than I thought it would be...The harsh reality is unpalatable...Tears find no escape...Hope is like the setting sun...Life devoid of the hues of joy...Invisible I have become !"Keeping the Faith" Tossed around amidst tides of loneliness... Struggling to maintain the curve of my smile….

Some people can bear it all(or most of it at least) with a smile .It’s all well to crib and rant about what went wrong, but if things go wrong, deep down all know that they had been wrong somewhere. Just that most of us do not want to accept that fact. We never realize how much we tend to move away from life in the day-to-day struggle to survive and make ends meet. Frustration and lack of faith make one helpless and pushes them towards what they never intended to or never wanted to be. Realizing that we can’t control other people is one of life’s biggest challenges. It’s especially difficult when we KNOW they are making the wrong decision. We must remember, it’s their life, to make their own mistakes, to learn their own lessons. something I try to practice…especially when I find myself upset, anxious, fearful, nervous, or any negative feeling….as they are all either tied to the past or future that hasn’t happened….nothing to do with the present moment. . Frustration and lack of faith make one helpless and pushes them towards what they never intended to or never wanted to be. Life has a way of throwing these curve balls at us.

The simple solution I learn to go with the flow. Not the best way to handle things, is it? And yet if we are honest, most of us have problems like this, with things that disrupt how we like things, with people who change what we are used to, with life when it doesn’t go the way we want it to go with the flow.What is going with the flow? It’s rolling with the punches. It’s accepting change without getting angry or frustrated. It’s taking what life gives you, rather than trying to mold life to be exactly as you want it to be. When you just don’t know what is going on and lay back to see what’s going to happen... You just go with the flow. I don’t think everyone sees “going with the flow” as the same thing, but personally I believe it is nearly impossible to be happy in life if you do not move with its natural rhythms.

Previously I hope that the one of Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow…But later I learnt" survivability depends upon adaptability. Life’s problems can be summed up in four words: "Go with the flow."I heard A Taoist story -an old man who by accident fell into the speeding waters of a river that lead to a dangerous waterfall. The people who witnessed the mishap feared for his life. But miraculously to the wonderment of all, the man emerged alive and unscathed, downstream at the bottom of the falls.

The astounded crowd asked the old man as to how he survived such an accident. The old wise man said "I accommodated myself to the water and not the water to me. Without giving a thought, I let myself to be shaped by the currents. Plunging into the swirl, I emerged alive with the swirl. He said This is how I survived.

We can compare our life to surfing... Yes Life...”It’s like surfing. It is Exciting, unpredictable, dangerous, yet challenging activity. "You can’t organize the ocean. Waves just happen. You ride with them where they take you, then you paddle back out there and catch the next one. Sure, you’re always hoping for the perfect wave where you can get,. But mostly you just take "them the way they come. I always believe ''Man proposes, God disposes''. Whether we like it or not - WE HAVE TO GO WITH THE FLOW- we do not have a choice. Go with the flow is the principle to follow ,ride on the wave be it happy or sad .Life swings all the time , a smile on face and hope in hard makes life a success. Sometimes we cannot stop what is happening around as and when we cannot control that also, we feel sad and bad about it.... No matter how much structure we create in our lives, no matter how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we cannot control but we have to...go with the flow….


Lena said...

I agree it is not that bad at times .. to go with the flow... but for me its like playing it safe. Today's life requires us to risk and to jump if we want to achieve much.

I dont remember if i told you but i shifted from my blog to
The Colors Magazineand now am back to active blogging :)

Jaishree said...

Thank u Lena I too agree with u:)
Congrats for your new web Page.. It is lovely dear:)

rauf said...

googled sundrapandyapuram and found your blog, i was there 24 hours ago.

i'll come back