Sunday, March 8, 2009



"It's time to give the lie to the old saying that behind every successful man there's a woman"

Women.. Perfection what defines you! Women's Day… It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.Any woman who's had to balance work, home, family, chores etc will love this day. A few women achieved power and fame through their roles as wives, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers; a very few achieved lasting fame through their own achievements. Women have made their mark in the workplace, and not just in the 20th century. Women have founded or inherited and run major business enterprises, and women have organized the workplace for better working conditions and compensation

They deserve more than just a day of appreciation. Women are making impressive strides to catch up with gender equity keep cropping up every once in a while. The women's day is not only meant for womanhood.. it also combines motherhood which is the root cause / origin of mankind.. dedicating one day to motherhood in the name of women's day and thinking about how each and every woman must play her role to progress herself.. From being a homemaker to a pilot, the sky is really the limit for women..

Women have shown they can be tough , if not tougher too. Yes, women today are everywhere, doing things never thought possible before.ALL THE WONDERS SHE SEEK HER WITHIN HERSELF.She fills moments with sunshine&joy.It could be mom, who patiently changed your nappies and comforted you during tough times.It could be wife simple, caring and loving.. And yet she finds the time to take care of kids the way only she can. Women is the power that can create ,love and bring up the ones who are lost. She keeps alive the humanity in a man.Most importantly she gives and spreads inspirations as well as motivations to others !

By far a woman’s best role and one that gives her the acclaim and respect –Man cant be without a women. she is Janani.she takes all the pain and gives a reason to smile for everyone. Woman is definitely the better half of man. Women is the power that can create ,love and bring up the ones who are lost. She keeps alive the humanity in a man..

Essence of women is in Beauty, patience, bubbly, naughty,caring, warm, lovable, stylish,maddening ,intuitive,homely, intelligent,efficient.... of all above and some more mixed in different proportions, simple, caring and loving by woman world is complete.A tribute to our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives. India's fabulous, astonishing women…. Women is all respect them and love them.

Here ‘s wishing a truly amazing women A Very Happy Women’s day!

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Women in India have come a long way, esp those who are educated and have had access to opportunities.

The sad thing is that there are a much huger number who remain trapped in the grips of poverty, unable to educate themselves and rise to a better future.

GiveIndia is a safe and trustworthy way to reach out to a woman who is waiting to break out and have a better life.

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

great post! happy women's day!

Akal's Saappadu said...

Happy women's day to you too Jaishree!

Lena said...

Happy belated women's day! and that was a great article, jaishree :)

Sia said...

thought provoking write-up :)

just wanted to let u know that i am not able to access ur cooking blog. have u made it private by any chance?

KrRahul said...

Nice post..

Balance of genders will create a beautiful and peaceful world... Women will remain greater, as they represent the divine creator on earth...