Monday, October 13, 2008

It is too Late...

It’s just too little too late
You're not there when i need you,
But that's alright
I've always wanted to be loved, loved unconditionally, till the end, till I die...!
But now I've realized I don't have the one whom I really love.
I've always wanted to make someone feel good, make someone feel loved,
I've always wanted to be the favorite amongst all, tried to
But was hurt by the ones whom were close to my heart.
I've always wanted to be the best, but the best were never wanted around,
But now I don't want to be the best, I did rather believe in having the best.
I've have always wanted to touch someone's heart in a special way,
And was never appreciated for that, But now I don't want to.
Always wanted that warm shoulder to lean on, & let my tears flow will eternity.
Woke up one night & realized I didn't have anybody, but now I don't want anybody cause I am used to crying alone... all alone...
I am broken apart Heart shattered
I try to grab the pieces Cant find them
Now I have nothing,NothingAlone.
I cry by myself,Nobody to hold
Nobody to hold me.Never again
I cry to be heard.No one hears
Pain is the only thing I know
Not happiness,Not laughter
No smiles,No kisses
No hugs,Just the pain that comforts me
Till I drown myself …
Everything is my fault,Always my fault
No hope for me.

Too late now…
If I died and nobody was there
a weary voice across the line
feels like shattering glass
flying off and piercing fast
right across a gutless spine...
a bitter pill was fearlessly swallowed,
a wry smile from a pith now hallowed,
tired eyes suddenly begins to weep
This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don't belong
and last but not least I want to touch the little blue stars that sparkle in the deep blue sky every night I see them twinkling away into my heart, I want to touch them now and feel them brighten up my life.


Lena said...

so beautiful and yet so painful.
really true sometimes we need someone too much and they are not there but then it just is too late and we feel so much left out of everything.

Jaishree said...

Thank you lena:)What you said is correct.some time i feel that bitter experience:(