Monday, July 28, 2008

Symbol Of Peace

For last two days I couldn't bear to read the papers in the morning. Nor watch television. There is a news about serial bomb blasts…Now we all need peace. We want to live in peace.We don't want war.. All we really need is peace. This whole wide a world where we all live we need peace. White dove, symbol of peace…Please listen to the cries; To have a life here on earth Yes, we need peace.

We need peace of mind and not pieces of mind

We need peace of heart and not pieces of heart

We need peace of love and not pieces of love

We need peace of soul and not pieces of soul

We need peace of world and not pieces of world

Let there be peace in the world.

Let us all see peace and not war.

Let our homes be adorned with peace,

Let our streets be paved with peace,

Let our cities be set on a peace.

White dove, symbol of peace

Here I am I need your peace;

Before my people fall to pieces,

And bring to me your perfect peace,

Before my people fall apart.

Here we are we need your peace,

White dove, spread your peace,

On every beings on this earth space

To live as one but not in pieces!


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Lovely post!

Yes,all we need is peace right now.Hope the situation in our country gets better.

Have a peaceful week ahead dear :)

Dare to dream said...

hey nice blog sam said we all need peace..

Lena said...

Great one, Jaishree!
I hope the situation really changes for the better! As peace indeed is needed!

Have a lovely week, dear!

Myviews said...

Thank you sami for peaceful wishes:)
Thank you Lena :) situation should change and peace needed.
Thank you dreamer:)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your thoughts Jaishree...we all need to be a bit kind to our earth and give peace a chance so that our next generation can also feel the real beauty of this world rather than just read about it on history books...Individuals should rise above themselves and really ask their soul, why they are doing it & does it really benefit them or anyone?

Jaishree said...

Thank you kalyan. Hope the situation will change bette.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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